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Ruth Tucker

The third session was given by Ruth Tucker focusing more on the missions aspect of the gospel.  I was able to talk with Ruth a little before the session since she was sitting up front.  When I came back from … Continue reading

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Hug a Postal Worker Day?

Today, and I am not making this up, a lady at one of the businesses that I deliver to demonstrated "Hug a Postal Worker Day".   The secretary for this place was walking through the aisle of the store back … Continue reading

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Dr. David Turner

The theme of this year’s talking points was, "WHAT IS THE GOSPEL?"  The second session at talking points was given by David Turner.  Although David did not come out and say it, the general direction of his lecture was something … Continue reading

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The Individualistic Gospel

I attended "Talking Points" at Cornerstone University yesterday at the recommendation of my ONE "friends", Jim.  I was not disappointed.  The featured speakers were Scot McKnight, David Turner, and Ruth Tucker, each of whom touched on subjects which are of great … Continue reading

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Hit the Ground Runnin’

I hit the ground running and I don’t think twice.   This past Wednesday was the first night of our midweek kids’ club.  It felt good to be back up in front of the kids proclaiming God’s Word to them.  … Continue reading

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Past, Present, or Future?

Here is the next Eschatology post.   The first thing you need to understand about my positions on the prophecies of the Bible is the "tense".  I will briefly describe three categories that most prophecy students fall into and then … Continue reading

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Lamplighter Publishing

I stumbled upon Lamplighter Publishing at the church ministries conference that we attend each year.  My fictional reading is now dominated by works published by Lamblighter.  Mark Hamby is at the helm of the company.  He takes books that have … Continue reading

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Throw it Together

This fellow on my route has a garden.  He gave me some vegetables a couple of weeks ago that I normally wouldn’t buy in the store.  He gave me some tomatoes and some somer squash.  So here is how I … Continue reading

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Free Lunch

Is it too early for a Christmas story?   This story involves three carriers that I work with.   #1 – Hazel.  She takes care of "shipping" all the Santa letters to the North Pole via special delivery to ensure … Continue reading

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In my first post, I mentioned that the subject of Prophecy may come up here.  Let me explain what I mean.   I really mean Eschatology, but a lot of people do not know what the term means.  When I … Continue reading

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