Sorry I’m so Ignorant

I’m not very web savvy.  I don’t know a whole lot about computers.  My web space here doesn’t have a whole lot of cool stuff like other people’s spaces do.  I’m really trying to get some things up to make it look cool, but I really don’t know how.
My wife knows how, but she’s very impatient and not a very good teacher.  We have talked about this, so she knows it’s not a put down toward her; that’s just the way she is.
So if you’re visiting my web space here and thinking to yourself, "This is pretty plain.  He doesn’t have hardly anything here."  Hey!  That’s just what I’m thinking!  I will be trying to get some of the music, books, links, etc. that I enjoy.  Maybe I’ll get some pictures up as well.  Then again, maybe I won’t.
I’d really like to have a cool website like Kristy’s.  I went there and WOW!  She has a lot of cool stuff.  She has a lot of cool friends.  They all have their little moniker or whatever it’s called right by their little post as they post on her site.  She has a lot of cool pictures.  I felt a little jealous.  For a while when I logged on to my space, I looked under "Friends" and all I had was ONE "Friends".
Then she has these cool special effects as well.  As my computer was loading onto her website, the pictures came up, then some haunting, Todd Agnew music started playing, then the lights in my house dimmed and some disco lights started swirling in my room, then I heard a sound like a pounding on the front door, then a faint voice like my wife yelling, "Darrin! Open the front door! I ‘ve got my guitar and I don’t want to go through the garage!"  It was so cool.  I think I’ve figured out how Kristy did it, except for the disco lights.  If you haven’t checked out Kristy’s site, you should.
So anyway, one day I hope to be as cool as Kristy.  Whoa!  My wife just walked in the room, and she looks mad.  Wonder what’s up.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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One Response to Sorry I’m so Ignorant

  1. Michelle says:

    I\’ve got a comment…perhaps more than one.
    Maybe Cool Disco Lights Kristy has room for you at her house. What\’s one more kid?
    Ancient Chinese Secret: Man who be mean to wife in blog makes his own dinner. Also, may sleep in Samuel\’s Dog Bed.
    You know I\’m kidding. But I\’m a good teacher, darnit. I\’m thinking that it\’s the student\’s fault in this case for exasperating the afforementioned teacher beyond belief with loads and buckets of inane and extraneous questions. You make me crazy and smoke comes out of my ears when you ask things like:
    You:  "HOW does the computer know to do that???"
    Me: "It just does. It knows, honey"
    You: "Yeah, but HOW?"
    Me: "Dunno. You wanna learn how to do this or not?"
    You: "But HOW??? HOWWWWW????"
    See what I mean???
    Mrs. Orange Mainman, who is ever kind, ever loving and (mostly) patient
    P.S. ~ She\’s mad because you\’re dogging her on your blog already!!!

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