Free Lunch

Is it too early for a Christmas story?
This story involves three carriers that I work with.
#1 – Hazel.  She takes care of "shipping" all the Santa letters to the North Pole via special delivery to ensure they are answered by Santa or one of his elves before Christmas.
#2 – Terry (Henrietta).  Everybody’s got nicknames down there.  You try working with ten people all named "John".  Terry is a good guy.
#3 – Carl (The Communist).  He is a very nice, quiet carrier who hardly says a word.  That’s what makes his comment all the more hilarious.
A customer on Terry’s route had sent a letter to Santa, but no stamp was put on it.  Instead of the letter being given to Hazel, someone marked it up as "Return for Postage" and sorted it back to Terry.  Terry was mad.
Terry went to the supervisor asking why someone would stamp up a Santa letter as "Return for Postage".  "It’s a Santa letter for crying out loud," Terry said.  "Hazel’s case is just across the aisle.  I’m going to walk over and give it to her."
Out of nowhere Carl spoke up.  "We‘ll start the little brats off right and let ’em know NObody gets a free lunch around here!"
Don’t worry kids.  Your Santa letter will get through.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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