The Colossus is Back!

Marv Rosenthal recently wrote an article in Zion’s Fire magazine, July-August 2006 issue.  His theme was the vison that Nebuchadnezzar received recorded in Daniel 2.  The title of the article is "The Colossus is Back!".  I really enjoyed the article, but there were a couple of points that Marv made that were new to my way of viewing the end times and how the nations will be aligned when Christ returns.  Here is a portion of a post that I made on a message board.
One of Marv’s tenets is the interpretation of how the Colossus will
exist at the time of the return of Christ. The head of gold, the
chest and arms of silver, the belly and thighs of brass, all
continue to exist right up until the time that the rock cut out
without hands smashes the entire Colossus. Marv takes this to mean
that the empires (Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek) will exist as an
individual entities or nations without their status as empires. I agree
with this point.

There are two points in Marv’s article that are slightly new to me
and I wondered if they struck anyone else as perhaps odd, or perhaps
there are alternate views that are just as viable.

#1- These 3 empires that continue as only nations instead of empires
will NOT be included within the final slate of ten nations
symbolized by the ten toes. It was pretty clear that Marv views the
European Union as the territory where the ten nation confederacy
will exist and the other three nations will exist separate from
these ten, but in opposition to Israel and most likely in
cooperation with the ten nations.

My view up until this point, had always envisioned the ten nations
as including the eastern and western legs of the Roman Empire. Ten
nations from within both divisions would make up the final slate for
the toes. This would mean that ancient Babylon, Medo-Persia, and
Greece would all be members of the ten nation alliance. This view
stands in contrast to what Herb Peters states concerning the ten
Brussel’s Treaty nations, and with what Marv states in his article.

Marv’s view of the coexistence of the head, chest/arms,
belly/thighs, was that three modern nations will exist alongside the
ten nation alliance, but not be included within the ten nation
alliance. This brings me to the second point with which I wonder if
there is some disagreement.

Marv points out Iraq as the place where modern day Babylon is and
will be. I’m in agreement. He also points out Iran as the place
where modern day Medo-Persia is. I agree. But I’m not so sure
about his placement for modern day Greece.

#2-Modern day Greece is actually Syria, not the nation of Greece.
It is important to see where Marv comes from here. He describes the
development of the Greek Empire, then its division into four
kingdoms, then documents the rise of Antiochus Epiphanes out of the
Seleucid portion of the Greek Empire. Marv cites Daniel 11 as
primarily referring to Antiochus and his activities based in the
Seleucid portion, which is modern day Syria.

So there you have Marv’s view. A ten nation confederacy based in
Europe, along with the three nations of Iraq, Iran, and Syria, all
as a part of the Colussus, the entity that Christ will smash when He

So here are the questions. Does scripture allow for ten nations
plus three all working together against Israel?

Are there any other views besides Marv’s as to where modern day
Greece will fall in the end times scheme of things?

What about the kings from the east who will cross the Euphrates
River after it is dried up, Revelation 16:12? Could these three
nations (Iraq, Iran, Syria) be considered the kings from the east,
or must they be from the far east (China, Malaysia, India, Thailand,

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman
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