Smashing the Ten Commandments

I was SO excited on Sunday.  I got to smash the ten commandments.  Let me explain.
I am teaching through the stories of Moses in Junior Church.  The age group is kindergarten through fifth grade.  I have about 20 children who come down just before the preaching starts in the worship service.  My wife and I were talking about the different lessons I would be presenting.  I don’t use anyone else’s materials.  I study the passages myself, trying to memorize as many facts as possible, then I tell it "story-style" to the kids.  Sometimes I use props, costumes, object lessons, and drawings on the board.  Sometimes I get pretty creative, other times I’m busy.
My wife mentioned that it would be really cool to be able to break something that would be a representation of the two stone tablets that God had written the ten commandments on.  I told her I had been thinking that same thing but I didn’t have anything that would look like the two stone tablets and which would be able to be broken.  She said that a couple of tablets could be made out of plaster of paris with hardly any trouble at all.  I was like, "What!?  Really?"  She said she could do it since I don’t have the skills like that.
So my wife went and bought some plaster of paris and made these two ceramic tablets.  She slightly colored them so as to not be pure white.  They turned out a sort of a tan color.  They were about one inch thick and were the size of the bottom of a grocery bag.  They were perfect.
Last week was the lesson where Moses received the two stone tablets on Mount Sinai from the LORD.  I had one of the kids pretend to be Moses inside the cloud and another was Joshua right outside the cloud.  As I brought out the two ceramic tablets and gave them to "Moses", I explained to the kids how God Himself had written the ten commandments on these two stone tablets.  "God’s Own Handwriting," I told them with a tone of reverence and awe.  But as usual, I left them hanging. 
God told Moses how the people were down below breaking His covenant and that He would destroy them.  "Get out of the way Moses!  I’m going to burn those people up!"  Is God really going to burn up the children of Israel for their sin of worshiping the golden calf?  Find out next week, heh, heh.
Fast forward to this past Sunday.  I had three kids help me out in costumes.  One playing Moses had on a gray beard/wig.  Another playing Joshua had on a brown wig with a pirate turban attached.  Another playing Aaron had on a brown Jewish style beard.  I took the kids outside for this lesson.  Thank you LORD for good weather that day.  At the back of our church there is a half flight of cement stairs for an emergency exit.  It was perfect.
I took Moses and Joshua up the flight of stairs, now termed Mount Sinai.  I instructed Moses to hold the stone tablets VERY CAREFULLY because God Himself had written the ten commandments on them.  Aaron was down in the parking lot, now termed the camp of the Israelites.  I set a toy cow in front of him to represent the golden calf.  I told them how the children of Israel proclaimed the golden calf to be their new gods who would lead them from now on.  They began singing, dancing, sacrificing, and worshiping the golden calf.  Then I picked up where I had left off last week.
It was a great experience to be on top of Mount Sinai (the half flight of stairs) and be preaching to the kids down below.  My voice carried fairly well.
God told Moses, "Get out of the way Moses!  I’m going to burn those people up!"  But Moses pled with God.  "God, what will the other nations think if you slay your people in the wilderness?  They will say, ‘It was because the LORD was not strong enough to bring His people into the promised land.  He only led them out of Egypt to kill them in the wilderness.’  They won’t understand that it was because of their own sin.  Remember your promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Remember that this people is Your People, God."  So God told Moses that He wouldn’t destroy them, but to go down quickly.
Then I led Moses down the Mount with the two tablets in his arms.  It was a little clumsy for him since the tablets were pretty good sized.  Then he got to the bottom of the stairs.  I had to clear some kids away from the bottom of the stairs since I knew what I was going to do, but they didn’t.
When Moses came down from the Mount, he saw Aaron and the children of Israel worshiping the golden calf.  He grew so angry.  He shouted at them, "What have you done?  You’ve broken God’s covenant!  You’ve broken the covenant that you just agreed to!"
I walked over to Moses and took the two tablets out of his hand.
Then Moses took the two tablets of stone that had the ten commandments written on them and he smashed them at the foot of the mountain.
I threw the tablets on the bottom step and smashed them.  What a rush!
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
P.S.  What was even cooler was that I had told Mary I was going to do this and I was kind of excited about it.  She got excited about it and wanted to watch.  Then Tim had his camera with him to take pictures this past Sunday and Mary asked if he would come outside with the kids and take pictures of my lesson.  He did and had them ready on Wednesday night and showed them to me.  They turned out so well.  Thanks Tim K and Mary B.  Mary said she is going to hang them up somewhere so you might be able to check them out at the church.  I kind of doubt they will make the church website.
P.P.S.  After I smashed them, the kids just sort of stared with their mouths open.  I think it had the intended effect.
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