Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop

I LOVE the funnies.  Now that I’m not getting the newspaper for a little stint here, I check my favorites online each day.  Perhaps another time I’ll do a post on which funnies I like and why.  Today, however, I want to let all my ONE friends know about a certain comic strip.  It is called Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop.
There are a couple of sites you can go to that will give you information.  One down side is that as of right now, you cannot view the daily strip on the web everyday.  There are some sample cartoons that you can go to and check out.  The creator has a lot of other materials that are worth viewing.
This comic strip is not just done by a Christian, the whole comic strip is Christian.  Check out the basic idea here.
Here is a more extended article here.
Here are six samples of the strip here.  The one I like the best is the Larry Norman one.  "Why don’t you look into Jesus, He’s got the answer."
But most of all, check out some of Kevin Frank’s other work here.  These are his Bible cartoons and they are hilarious, especially if you know the Bible stories.  A few that will have you rolling are "Balaam’s Chicken", "YOUNG MOABITE WOMAN SEEKS KINSMAN REDEEMER FOR GRAIN GATHERING AND SNUGGLING ON THE THRESHING FLOOR", and Paul and Silas leading hymns while in prison.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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