Doing things the right way

There is a very nice couple that lives on my route.  They are not married, but wound up living together about two years ago.  I’m pretty sure she had no place to go and he was available along with his home.  He is about 60 and she is about 50.
Being a mail carrier, I find out a lot of things about people just by conversation that happens.  This fellow has been in jail a couple of different times in the past couple of years.  He wore a tether for a few months after he got out one of the times.  He gets violent towards people that aggravate him.  He also used to supply minors with alcohol on a regular basis.  His driver’s license was revoked several years ago.
The lady has a daughter who is addicted to some hard drugs and makes a living like Rahab did.  The daughter stays with them from time to time when she is not in jail.
They are very nice to me.  They always have a good word to say.  He has a garden and gives me corn, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers.  She is one of the nicest people on my route.  So consider what I say here.  I take my lunch break about a half of a block away from their house before I deliver their mail.  Once in a while he walks down to talk for a minute and get his mail from me while I am eating my lunch.
This week, he did just that, and had a stack of envelopes in his hand that he wanted mailed out.  He usually doesn’t have any letters to mail, so I commented on the stack of envelopes he gave me.
"They’re invitations," he said.  "We’re getting married."
Congratulations!  That’s great.
Yep.  It’s not gonna be til November.
Okay.  Where is it going to be at?
In a friend’s basement.
Alright!  So you’re getting the word out, huh?
Well, they all know already.  We just have to do things the right way.

Now I know what this fellow meant.  He meant he wanted to be formal and mail out official invitations.  But it just struck me as ironic, how so many people think they are doing things the right way and have everything all backward.  Mailing out official invitations becomes more important than if we are involved in violence, sexual immorality, breaking the law, you-name-it.  I’m not going to write any more, because #1-  I really like this couple.  #2-  I’m no better; I’ve committed the same sins.  But I can point to the Word of God in spite of my sin.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
P.S.  If this couple really wanted to do things the right way, they should have gotten married before moving in together.
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