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Now that the elections are over, I feel as if I can comment on the situation.  First off, let’s talk about political mail.  Better yet, I’ll talk, you listen.
We were deluged with political mail this year. 
I couldn’t believe how much there was.
But with all the mailings, it was sad to see how juvenile most of the flyers were, on both sides.  I can sum up most of the flyers in a few brief words.
Republican flyer ~ "Democrats are stupid.  Vote Republican."
Democrat flyer ~ "Republicans are stupid.  Vote Democrat."
Or the more intellectual flyers went something like this.
Republican flyer ~ "Democrats oppose welfare reform, the sanctity of life, and small business incentives.  Vote Republican."
Democrat flyer ~ "Republicans oppose education reform, a woman’s right to choose, and worker’s rights.  Vote Democrat."
There were a couple of flyers put out by one of the unions, (SEIU, I think), that actually talked about the facts plain and simple.  The point of view on this flyer didn’t treat me like some mindless drone with no original thoughts of my own, but delved into why voting a certain way was important.  All sides of the issues need to get back to educating people as to why it’s important to vote a certain way instead of simply trying to shout the loudest, air the most television time, or send the most flyers. 
Note:  The Postal Service will take your business, but make it worth your while.  Put some real information that will make the average person think about their views on these political mailings.  And you, voters, don’t be mindless drones.  Think about the issues.
Now let’s talk politics for a minute.  I may make some enemies with this post.  But I think the truth of it is worth hearing.  I want to quote a very popular blogger, Herb Peters.  He is commenting on the timing of the assasination of Pierre Gemayel with Rick Warren’s visit to Syria.  Here is what Herb has to say:
But, we Christians do have our weakness. You have yours and I have mine. That’s why it’s so important for us to always remember the true source of our strength. It’s not our politics, it’s not our wealth or success, it’s the cross. And if we ever forget that, we Christians quickly become the weakest of the weak and easy prey to our enemies.
You can read the entire message and the thoughts he has concerning Lebanon, Syria, and Rick Warren – here.
I would also like to quote a not-so-famous blogger, Jim Crocker.  He is commenting on the situation with Ted Haggard, but behind that situation lies the situation of mixing politics with religion.  Here is what Jim has to say:
Forget about trying to change our country through politics. Go ahead and vote, or even run for office. But stop believing the lie that evangelicals can make America a Christian nation through politics.  One of the worst mistakes evangelicals have ever made was getting into bed (no pun intended) with the Republicans (just for the record, I’m a Republican).  Anytime that the church has had political power it has never been good for the church or for the nation—why do we expect this time to be any different? We can NEVER legislate morality. We can never change hearts by passing laws. The only hope for this country is revival. We must turn to God and seek His work and His power and preach His word. If we dedicated half of the resources that we spend on politics to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, this country and the church would look vastly different–and be vastly better.
You can read the entire message and the thoughts he has concerning Ted Haggard, hypocrisy, and politics – here.
If you belong to Christ, the Messiah, you actually belong to the next age, (the Messianic age) not this age.  The next age will consist of Christ establishing His kingdom after He has dealt with the kingdoms of this world, not by reforming them, but by crushing them.  It will be a kingdom unlike any that we see now.  Why even bother with the kingdoms of this world?  They are just dust in the wind.  Read Daniel 2 for more information.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t go to work, vote, or even get involved with some governmental efforts, but remember who you really belong to.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13 (that’s busy about the business of Christ’s Kingdom)
-The Orange Mailman
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