Jill Phillips

For the life of me, I can’t understand why the Christian radio stations are not playing more of Jill Phillips.  I’m not saying her music is better than what they are playing, but it’s easily just as good as many of the "popular" artists out there.  Her music is a little on the easy listening side and Christian music is going through it’s hard rock phase right now, so maybe that’s why.  But there are plenty of artists who are on the easy listening side who are getting plenty of air time such as Andrew Peterson (who happens to be a good friend of Jill), Fernando Ortega, and Sara Groves just to name a few.  Here’s someone who may have a little insight as to why she doesn’t get much if any airplay.
Dave, Leighan, my wife, and I went out to Maranatha for a Jill Phillips concert and the place was probably one quarter filled.  It was quite a meager turn out.  But what a great concert she and her husband put on.  My wife had to have her new CD entitled, "Nobody’s Got It All Together".  Here’s someone who agrees with me on it.
I was listening to Andrew Peterson the other day and I thought I heard a familiar voice singing back-up vocals.  I thought, "I know that voice from somewhere."  I looked on the credits and there was Jill Phillip’s name.  She has a lot of musical talent, a lot of depth to her songs, and she is a very real person when you see her in concert.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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