Israel in unbelief ???

The nation of Israel, while still in unbelief, what are they to God?  Here is the question posed by a very well versed pastor.
I cannot for the life of me figure out why so many independent
fundamental Baptists believe that unbelieving Israel are God’s
chosen people. I have heard preachers my whole life say that if you
curse Israel, God will curse you, and that if you bless Israel, God
will bless you.
I guess this falls under the canopy of "dispensationalism." So
far, I have found nothing that I agree with about dispensationalism.
I preached a sermon on Sunday morning on "Racism" (condemning racism
of course), and in the latter half of the sermon I gave literally
scores of verses proving that unbelieving Jews are not God’s chosen
people and do not inherit any of the promises made to Abraham. These
promises are applied to believers of all nationalities (for example,
see these entire chapters: Galatians 3, Romans 9-11, John 8, etc.).
Here are some thoughts from The Orange Mailman.
#1- We need to remember the proper relationship of the Church to
Israel. I read many commentaries and it seems like they are saying
believing Israelites are a part of the Church. That’s not quite the
way the scriptures set it forth. Believing Gentiles are a part of
spiritual Israel.
That’s a critical difference. Ephesians 2:11-17
sets forth the true relationship with Gentiles being brought into
the commonwealth of Israel and being participants in the covenants
(yes, covenantS, plural).

#2- Old Testament saints died without having received the
fulfillment of the promises that God had promised to them. These OT
saints were (or should I write ARE?) a part of believing Israel.
These promises WILL be fulfilled to them. I am not saying that
UNbelieving Israelites will obtain these promises. What I’m saying
is that these promises will be fulfilled to ALL not necessarily in
this age, but in the age to come. Hebrews 11 sets this forth
culminating in verses 39-40.

#3- God’s agenda is to restore the nation of Israel and fulfill the
plan which He conceived in eternity past. We see Paul using
language in Romans 11:11-24 which tells us there is a
future "provoking to jealousy" by the Gentile believers, a
future "fulness" of Israel, a future "receiving" of Israel resulting
in life from the dead, a future "grafting into their own olive
tree". When we understand the proper relationship of Gentile
believers to spiritual Israel, we can better understand God’s future

#4- There is no reason to separate physical blessings from
spiritual blessings except perhaps by way of time; some in this age,
some in the age to come. We receive spiritual resurrection life
now, but we receive a physical resurrection body in the next age. The New
Jerusalem will be the dwelling place of Israel and the Church
together, Revelation 21:11-14. Gentile believers will inherit the
physical land of Israel in the age to come by dwelling with the Lamb
in the New Jerusalem.

#5- There is a scriptural principle
at work even while Israel does not completely trust in the LORD
which many nations would do well to take heed to. The LORD would
use nations to chastise His people to bring them back to Himself.
But then He would punish that Gentile nation for extending its hand
against His people.
We look for a future Day of the LORD when God will judge the nations
for their treatment of Israel. While there are many scriptures that
may be coming to our minds, I think Joel 3 does an excellent job of
giving us the entire scope. Unfair treatment of Isreal, the LORD
assembling all nations, the LORD roaring, Israel entering into that
relationship with their God, the physical blessings of the restored
paradise, it’s all in there.
What do we say to this? Do we think it’s okay to have Israel as one
of our enemies when we know that God will bring retribution on all
who have ill-treated this nation that He has a future plan for?
So, any comments?  Right now in 2006 while they are still in unbelief as a national entity, is the nation of Israel still God’s chosen people?
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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