Dry Bones

Amillennialists and Postmillennialists were dealt a blow when Israel became a nation again. Premillennialists looked for Israel to form again. Here is the prophecy of Ezekiel’s dry bones.

Ezekiel 37:1 The hand of the LORD was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the LORD, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones, 2 And caused me to pass by them round about: and, behold, there were very many in the open valley; and, lo, they were very dry. 3 And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord GOD, thou knowest. 4 Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the word of the LORD. 5 Thus saith the Lord GOD unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live: 6 And I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring up flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and ye shall live; and ye shall know that I am the LORD. 7 So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone. 8 And when I beheld, lo, the sinews and the flesh came up upon them, and the skin covered them above: but there was no breath in them. 9 Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live. 10 So I prophesied as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great army. 11 Then he said unto me, Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel: behold, they say, Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost: we are cut off for our parts. 12 Therefore prophesy and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, O my people, I will open your graves, and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land of Israel. 13 And ye shall know that I am the LORD, when I have opened your graves, O my people, and brought you up out of your graves, 14 And shall put my spirit in you, and ye shall live, and I shall place you in your own land: then shall ye know that I the LORD have spoken it, and performed it, saith the LORD.

Notice that the bones come together first, then sinews, then flesh, then skin. Then everything just stands there, put together with no life in them. Then at a separate event, breath comes into the dry bones.

The interpretation is given. The dry bones are the house of Israel. Israel will come together but without true life at first. Then at a later point in time, they receive spiritual life from the LORD. When will the four winds give life to Israel?

This is laid out in the New Testament. The four winds are mentioned at the cosmic signs, Matthew 24:31, Mark 13:27, Revelation 7:1. This is the time when Israel will receive her spiritual life (breath) from the LORD. This is illustrated in the sealing of the 144,000 Revelation 7:4-8.

Notice also in the passage in Ezekiel, that the resurrection of the righteous dead happens at the same time in verses 12 and 13. We know that they are the righteous because the LORD says that He will bring them into the land of Israel; and that they will know that He is the LORD at this specific event, when He opens their graves.

The implication is obvious. Israel has become a nation again. Yet she does not have true spiritual life. The LORD will deal with her during Daniel’s seventieth week to bring her to the place where she is ready to behold her Messiah. We are obviously on the brink of the very end of the LAST DAYS since Israel is in the position prophesied by Ezekiel in his vision of the valley of dry bones.

Have fun and stay busy – Ezekiel 33:8

-The Orange Mailman

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