2 Age Addendum

I had another thought concerning the Mark 10 passage which cites the phrase "the age to come".
Notice in Mark 10:17-31 how the "age to come" is equated with eternal life, vs. 30.  This short story tells us much concerning the relationship between the Kingdom of God, eternal life, and the age to come.  All three terms are used interchangeably.
This language needs to be understood and incorporated into our everyday theology.  Most people want to say phrases like, "When you die, if you belong to God, you will go to heaven and live there forever with Him."  Christ spoke of His Kingdom and of bringing it here to the earth at His second coming.  While it is true that when a believer is "absent from the body" then they are "present with the LORD", but it doesn’t end there.  There is a resurrection of the just that happens at His second coming.  We will receive our new bodies and go on with physical activities just as our LORD did after His resurrection.
The age to come begins with His earthly millennial kingdom, but doesn’t end there.  It will continue on throughout eternity.  More to come.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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