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I gave at the office

What is our ultimate attitude toward helping those who are in need?  I’m not saying this is your attitude, but this is how most Christians, including myself, come across to me.  Most Christians seem to have this belief that 10% … Continue reading

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Does God want us to feed the poor?

Social Distinctions again.  My thoughts on this go way back to when I was reading That Printer of Udell’s.  Some of you may remember the little review I did of that book.  I heard someone say just last night, "God … Continue reading

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Jerusalem = Mystery Babylon

My last post got me in the mood for a good old eschatology post.  Keep in mind, this is not something that I’m dogmatic about.  But there is some kind of connection between the end times city identified in scripture … Continue reading

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The lesson isn’t just for the kids

That’s two weeks in a row that I’ve thought that very thing.  Last week, the lesson on Wednesday night was about Pentecost, and specifically how the Holy Spirit empowers us to know right from wrong, make the right decisions, and … Continue reading

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Me N Tom

My mail route is just a few blocks away from my church. There is this house on my route that is basically a flop house. The people that live there are on welfare and just get drunk all the time. … Continue reading

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He that gathered much had nothing over, he that gathered little had no lack.

Here is the next post on social distinctions.   Have you ever noticed when you learn a new truth from God’s Word, that shortly afterward, there is some sort of test to see if you are going to put it … Continue reading

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The Significance of the Baptism of John

I follow Herb Peters on his website Fulfilled Prophecy for new sources on possible end times developments.  He cites the best articles out of anybody that I know.  He has the ability to think outside the box, but still maintain … Continue reading

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When You Give a Dinner…

This is scary.  Twice now it’s happened.  I post on a subject, and my Sunday School teacher teaches the following Sunday on that same subject.  The first time it happened on 12-18-06 when my previous posts concerned the kingdom of … Continue reading

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Social Distinctions

I’m going to write a series of posts on social distinctions within the body of Christ.  This is a serious issue for me.  The LORD has really been working on my heart this past year in a number of ways. … Continue reading

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As promised (I know you’ve all been waiting on the edge of your seats for this very post), I’m going to write about two different times someone was trying to teach the imminency of the return of Christ.  To sum … Continue reading

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