Survey Says…

My ONE friends Jim called the other night to survey me.  Apparently he’s taking a class and had a little homework assignment.  Here’s how the conversation went.
Hey, Darrin, I’ve got a couple of questions.  It will take thirty seconds or less.
Okay, go ahead.
First off, how old are you?
36, okay.  Now, what would your ideal age be, and why?
What would my ideal age be?
Ideal age for what?
The question doesn’t say – just, "What would your ideal age be?"
Hmmmm….   Well, since it doesn’t say ideal for what, I guess I’ll just have to say my ideal age would be 36, because that’s the only age I can be.
36, because that’s the only age you can be?
That’s awesome!  I knew I could count on you for something unique and you didn’t let me down.
Apparently, I’ve got some sort of a reputation.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
P.S.  Jim told me yesterday that of all the people he surveyed, only two said their ideal age was the age that they currently are.  K8 said her current age because she likes the age she is right now.
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