Social Distinctions

I’m going to write a series of posts on social distinctions within the body of Christ.  This is a serious issue for me.  The LORD has really been working on my heart this past year in a number of ways.
Consider this.  What if an angel appeared to you with $2,000 in his hand, gave it to you, then said, "This is for you to be a blessing to someone else in need."  How would you live the next week, or month, or year?  Would you be looking for that certain situation to be a blessing?  You know the money can’t be used for yourself.  The angel specifically said it is for someone else in need.  How would you view the person you meet in the store, on the street, in your church?
Now think on this.  Does that type of supernatural event have to happen to get us to think about being a blessing to those who don’t have quite as many blessings as we do?  Shouldn’t we already be thinking about those who are in need?  Especially our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ?
But don’t we pretty much hang out with people of our own social class?  My friends consist of those who make about the same amount of money as myself.  Those whom I fellowship with are pretty much all middle class people.  Where is that true fellowship within the body of Christ that crosses all boundaries, racial, religious, and social?  When does the homeless man who is a Christian get together and fellowship with the millionaire who is a Christian?  Is that even allowed?
The early church had a unity that paid no attention to material possessions.  Read Acts 4:32-35.  Once you were in Christ, you had no more needs because they would be met by the abundance from those who sold their material possessions and laid them at the apostle’s feet.  Aren’t all of my possessions actually the LORD’s to be called forth for His service at the time He chooses?
I am going to specifically address a few of these issues a little more directly.  Perhaps I’ll share some specific things that have happened this past year that have helped open my eyes in a new way to some of these truths.  You can have theology in your head, but what good does it do if you can’t put it into practice.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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2 Responses to Social Distinctions

  1. Kerry says:

    Hey Orange,
    Was just catching up reading here and had this thought when reading this post.  Isn\’t that the great thing about discussing these things online?  I believe it brings us together when many of us normally wouldn\’t run in the same crowds.  Honestly not being able to see who we are speaking with removes some prejudices we may have otherwise.  There is so much negative about the internet it is nice to see some positive in it also.  I like what you have been writing here I will stop by more often.

  2. Darrin says:

    Hey Seeker-  I hadn\’t thought of that particular blessing of the internet until you mentioned it.  But yeah!  On the net, we\’re all just posters, all equal.  We\’re all just bus-drivers…  whoops!  Sorry Caedmon\’s Call.  -The Orange Mailman

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