It happened right in front of me

Last Saturday, February 10th, is when it all went down.  I’ll just explain what happened.
First off, a gentleman moved off my route.  His house is now boarded up.  Instead of a mailbox, there is a slot for the mail.  So when this gentleman pulled up on the street and got my attention, I already knew what he wanted.  He wanted to make sure I was forwarding his mail and not putting it through the slot at his former residence, since there would be no way for him to retrieve it if I did.  And I was forwarding all his mail.
My face lit up as I saw him.  He’s a real nice guy.  His car was on the opposite side of the street that I was delivering on, so when I looked up, I was looking right at him on the driver’s side of his car.  I walked into the street across the lane of traffic that comes from the left and then stood in the center of the street and was just about to talk to him about the situation regarding his mail.
Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a car coming from the right at a pretty fast pace.  I could tell that unless it hit the brakes right away, it would run into the back end of this gentleman’s car.  I started saying, "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" and then I started waving my arm in the air.  The driver of the car didn’t even seem like he saw me or the car in front of him.  I took a couple of steps back from the gentleman’s car and SLAM!  The car plowed plowed right into the car sending it three houses down the street from where I was standing.  The front end of his car was caved in severely.  He braked slightly about 20 feet from the rear of the car, but with the snow on the road it didn’t make much of a difference.  I’m sure this car was going 30-35 mph when it impacted.
It seemed like I was in a dream for a second.  Then I took my cell phone off the clip on my belt and called 911.  After I described the accident, the lady on the phone asked me if anyone needed medical attention.  HUH?  I hadn’t even thought of that.  I ran down the street to where the car had been sent by the force of the collision.  I bent over and looked in the window of my former customer’s car and asked if he was alright.  He said he was okay, but then for the first time I noticed in the passenger seat had been a boy.  He had tears streaming down his face.  He was crying, shaking, shivering, and seemed to be in shock.  Even though my former customer said he was okay, he indicated that this boy would probably need to go to the hospital.  I started to tell the 911 dispatcher that there was a boy who needed medical attention, but we had been cut off.  I called back and relayed the information, including the fact that the boy was 12 years old.
A volunteer firefighter (who is also a chaplain for the fire department) who lives just up the street pulled up and asked if there was anything he could do.  I sort of hinted that this boy might benefit from him taking a look at him.  He very graciously pulled ahead of the vehicle, came around to the back door of the passenger side, got in the back seat, and began asking the boy a few routine questions.
The driver of the car who slammed into this fellow had gotten out of his car and had come up to talk a bit.  He seemed a little confused as to why this gentleman had been parked in the street.  I explained that he wanted to talk to me.  The man asked, "Right in the street?"  It was then that my former customer showed a bit of his displeasure at being rear-ended.  He said, "You were driving too fast."  I chimed in, "Yes, sir, you were going pretty fast."  He responded, "Well, I was probably going 30 mph."  He walked back to his vehicle.
An officer arrived within another 30 seconds and took my statement.  Within another 10 seconds another officer was speaking with the man who had done the rear-ending.  After a few more seconds, the ambulance, along with a fire engine arrived.  It all happened so fast, and it happened right in front of me.  The collision was so close I could reach out and touch it.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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