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PreMillennial Basics

I love Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony.  Here is a great body of work based on the Historical PreMillennial position for modest costs.  The only thing necessary is to convert dollars to pounds as the transaction is being made, which there … Continue reading

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The sealing of the 144,000

I mentioned in my last post about having a different view than many classic PreWrathers.  Let me backtrack a little bit so you will understand where I am coming from.   First off, my studies in eschatology actually began when … Continue reading

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Jesus is a prophet like Moses

After posting about the Meek and Mild Servant of Isaiah 42, I was reminded that so many still believe that the current church age, or church dispensation was completely hidden to the Old Testament prophets.  I have found this to … Continue reading

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My friend, Mary

The first visitors to my home after my surgery were Bill and Mary.  It was sort of odd since Mary was almost taken home to the LORD just twelve days before.   Mary and I direct the Wednesday night kids’ … Continue reading

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I made it through.  Thank you to everyone who has prayed and who will be praying for me as I recover from knee surgery.  When the doc opened it up he found that he had to do an ACL repair, … Continue reading

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The Meek and Mild Servant of Isaiah 42

My last post made a brief reference to Isaiah 42.  I have been studying Isaiah with great appreciation over the past couple of years.  It’s pretty deep, I’m not done, and I have a feeling I’ve only scratched the surface.  … Continue reading

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Matthew 11:12/Luke 16:16

The meaning to these verses has been eluding me, but with a little help from my friends, I believe I am coming to a better understanding of them.  I’m used to reading things in the KJV, but lately I have been … Continue reading

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Jesus did NOT feed the poor

Social distinctives again.  I’ve been continuing to muse upon this theme for some time.  It really all began when I read That Printer of Udell’s way back.  Some of you may remember the review that I posted of it back … Continue reading

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The Secret ~ New Age mumbo jumbo

The New Age teachings are alive and well.  I must be out of the loop.  I don’t have cable television, I only listen to Christian radio stations, and I only read about one third of the local newspaper.  So imagine … Continue reading

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My wife attended a workshop at the church ministries conference we just attended this past weekend.  She mentioned that the presenter set forth the scriptural principle of lamenting which has become quite extinct in our modern day worship.  That reminded … Continue reading

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