The Secret ~ New Age mumbo jumbo

The New Age teachings are alive and well.  I must be out of the loop.  I don’t have cable television, I only listen to Christian radio stations, and I only read about one third of the local newspaper.  So imagine my surprise when I did the internet search only to find just how big "The Secret" actually is.
Let’s go back to how I heard about it.  I was delivering to a business on my route where I know the secretary pretty well.  We are on good terms, we have a little joke at times, and she keeps me posted about what’s going on in the suite next door.  She had the computer on when I delivered the other day and I asked if she was watching the news.  She replied that she didn’t watch the news any more.  I sort of very intellectually said, "Oh."  She replied that it brought too much negativity to her life.  Then my next stimulating comment was, "Hmmm."  She said, "Yes, it’s actually a part of …"  Her voice trailed off a bit, her eyes widened, then with a bit lower tone in her voice she continued… "the secret."  I half expected the theme music from the twilight zone to start playing in the background.
I knew instinctively that whatever "the secret" was, that it was new age.  I’m not saying that the Holy Spirit told me this, I just knew.  So I asked if there was a book or something and she replied that there was.  She reached back, got her purse, and pulled out this book.  I looked at the name of the author (Rhonda Byrne) and said that it looked interesting.
The secretary continued, "It’s a new book, but it’s actually …"  her voice trailed again and in a lower tone she continued "…it’s actually a very ancient idea.  The idea is that like attracts like.  If you think and say positive things, then positive things will come to you and happen to you.  And it’s working.  Good things are happening."  The way she talked made it sound like she had been initiated into some kind of secret society by buying and reading the book.  I wasn’t nervous or anything as I spoke to her.  I just knew in my spirit that these teachings that she was presenting me were void of God.
So I do a little internet search and what do you know.  The world is still the world – full of false teachings.  And one of those false teachings happens to be "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.  When I read about the millions that are buying into this, it makes sense because, after all, the world is blinded to the things of God.  But then when I see this secretary whom I see four or five times a week heavily entrenched in this, it makes it a little more personal.
You can read about "The Secret" television show here at this link, the book and DVD here at this link, and last but not least, here is the link to what Oprah did on her show concerning the secret,
Those links are for those who just want to verify that, yes, there is a book out there.  But for you Christians, here is a review of the book from a Christian perspective.  You’ll be surprised at how blatantly self-deification is brought out in the book.
Let’s remember, if it weren’t for the LORD opening our eyes to the truth of the gospel, we’d be buying into that garbage as well.  By the way, the gospel is contained within the Bible.  Man is a fallen, sinful race standing under the judgement and wrath of God.  We cannot save ourselves from our sins.  Christ came and died on the cross for our sins.  We can be reconciled to God by believing on Jesus Christ and His work on the cross.  When we believe, we die to ourselves and are raised again spiritually.  We become new creations.  This is something that God does for us with no help from us.  God saves us based on our faith so that we can claim no credit.  No amount of positive thinking can save you from your sins.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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