This is a subject that is sorely neglected in churches today.  It was back in 2002 that I started reflecting on how rarely this subject is taught on in churches.  I tried to think of one sermon or even a lesson that I had heard on fasting and I couldn’t think of one.  On the radio I had heard fasting briefly mentioned by a couple of big name preachers in their sermons, but never any teaching or preaching on fasting.  I had been practicing the fast in my own life for some time.  When I would talk about it with others in my church I was met with strange looks.  It didn’t seem like I could even get anybody to talk about fasting.
So I asked the LORD to show me what the scriptures had to say in a way that I could teach others.  I remember the time very clearly.  My wife and I had a little anniversary get-away at the Shack.  The environment was a Christian one as well as relaxing and serene.  Christian music played over the intercom system.  We had a window overlooking the lake.  I had my notebook with me at the time which had all the scriptures that I could think of regarding fasting.  It was during that stay at the Shack that the LORD simply gave me this outline.  This was a solid tool that I could use to teach on the subject of fasting.  Since that time I have had the opportunity to teach it several times.  95% of the following outline is what the LORD gave to me on that get-away at the Shack.  I’ll post the outline today and perhaps some comments in another post later.  The format I used is to hand out the outline with the blanks to be filled in, but just having the blanks wouldn’t do you any good, so the answers are provided in red.  BTW, none of this is copyrighted.  Print it off and teach it if you want.

Getting on the FAST Track

I. What is FASTING (spiritually)?            Humbling yourself

A. Psalm 35:11-14 FASTING is ___________________________________.

                                                          Turning to God

B. Joel 2:12-13 FASTING is ___________________________________.

                                                      Seeking God’s face

C. Ezra 8:21-23 FASTING is ___________________________________.

II. Occasions for FASTING-

A. I Samuel 7:3-6, Jonah 3 Confession

       At times of ________________________.

B. I Samuel 31:13; II Samuel 1:11-12 Country

       At times when our ____________________ needs us.

C. II Samuel 12:13-23; Acts 27; I Corinthians 7:1-5

During times of __________________. Crisis

D. Acts 13:1-3; 14:21-23

At times of ________________________. Confirmation

III. Reasons for FASTING – Not                   Salvation

A. Luke 18:9-14 We don’t FAST for _______________________.


B. Zechariah 7:1-5 We don’t FAST for _________________.

                                                             Show                        Sympathy

C. Matthew 6:16-18 We don’t FAST for ____________ or _____________________.

IV. Why we FAST-

A. Matthew 4:1-4 We FAST to remind us where Spiritual Strength

          our _____________________________________ comes from.

B. Daniel 9:2-3, 20-23, 10:1-3, 11-14      Revelation

          We FAST to receive God’s ________________________.

C. Mark 9:14-29                    Victory                                 Satan

We FAST to achieve _______________________ over ________________.

D. I Corinthians 15:12-19, 32; Luke 5:33-35       With Jesus

              We FAST because we are not ____________________________. 

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