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Can you at least get to the collection box?

Part of me is anxious to get back to work, carrying the mail, another part of me can wait plenty.  I love my job, but we have to work for the government, and the managers they employ.  Consider this story … Continue reading

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Christie’s Old Organ

I finished reading another Lamplighter book entitled Christie’s Old Organ, by O. F. Walton.   Here is a book that makes the message of salvation so simple that a child can easily understand.  It doesn’t stop there either as Christie … Continue reading

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Comic Strips on Memorial Day

I take the comic strips very seriously, just ask my wife.  I probably over-analyze a lot of things in the funnies that most people think is just stupid.  Today, I noticed that very few comic strips observed Memorial Day.  In … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Life of Gehazi

Lessons from the Life of Gehazi I like to solve the Celebrity Cipher in the newspaper. As opposed to Sudoku which only yields a jumble of numbers upon the solution, when you solve the Celebrity Cipher you have a quote … Continue reading

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The Cross and Consecration

Here is the next chapter in Maxwell’s book, Born Crucified.  Some of these stories really hit home.   When Abraham Lincoln delivered his address at the dedication of the battlefield cemetery in Gettysburg, November 19,1863, he said: "We have come … Continue reading

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Rabbi Reveals Name of Messiah

This was a very interesting article.  You get the idea by reading the opening paragraph here.   Rabbi Reveals Name of the MessiahShortly before he died, one of Israel’s most prominent rabbis wrote the name of the Messiah on a … Continue reading

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Rewards, when will we get them?

When will we receive our rewards?  I hope I don’t sound childish here.  If a child knows that a reward has been promised for a certain act of obedience, there is very little patience on their part in waiting for … Continue reading

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Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Mike Ratliff posted a link to this video on his blog.  I watched it.  I didn’t like it.  Well, my fleshly man didn’t like it.  My spiritual man is wrestling with it.  Who can stand before the Wrath of God?  … Continue reading

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Keep Your Eyes on Jerusalem

Sometimes people ask me, "What do you think about what’s going on over in the Middle East right now?"  By the term, "right now", this has meant many things including the war in Iraq, the war between Lebanon and Israel, … Continue reading

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Post Rapture Postal Service

I got a pretty good laugh out of this news article in USA Today.  Could it be?  Eschatology and Delivering Mail all in one unbelievable news article?  Follow this link to find out more.   Basically, this atheist … Continue reading

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