Rapture Debate between the big guns

Over on Prewrath Rapture Dot Com, Alan Kurschner has made available a debate which occurred back in 1999 between proponents of the three major positions, PreTrib, PreWrath, and PostTrib.  The debate was moderated by none other than Kirby Anderson.  Charles Cooper was the main presenter for the PreWrath position.  The debate was posted back on April 20th, but I have just finished listening to the last session and didn’t want to recommend it until I had listened to it in its entirety.  But now let me officially recommend listening to the debate between the different positions.
Here is the link to Prewrath Rapture Dot Com.
The debate is in four parts.  Each of the positions had time for two people to present their view with a brief rebuttal period at the end.  This constitutes three of the sessions.  The last session was a general question and answer time as they took questions from the audience.  You can access the debate by clicking on these links here.
Alan has posted some comments on Prewrath Rapture Dot Com concerning his view of the debate and I would concur with his general assessments.  The PreTrib presentation was severely lacking.  There are better expositors out there who could have done a better job.  But it makes a subtle point, which is: PreTribs better know the scriptures and be able to present clearly what many of them are claiming is irrefutable truth.  The PreWrath position has only gained momentum since that 1999 debate.  Average PreWrathers are linking up via the internet, exchanging insights into the scriptures, discovering the weaknesses of the different positions, and are gaining the ability to refute the noted scholars.
Another comment is that Charles Cooper handled himself and the scriptures quite well.  Although his comments were pointed at times, as were those made by others, he did not resort to personal attacks, which is what I feel Mal Couch did.  There was a general spirit of grace throughout the debate, but it did get a little heated due to reasons that Alan has cited.
Both PostTribbers were quite succinct in their presentations.  It was pretty clear what they were conveying and at first it seemed like they were in agreement with the PreWrath position.  But the rebuttal along with the question and answer time brought out the differences.
Whatever your view is, I hope you have reached it by comparing scripture with scripture.  I would also hope you would compare your position with the other positions out there to see if you have an inconsistency in your view that perhaps you have overlooked.  A bunch of people with the same position slapping each other on the back and saying, "Great job", is not iron sharpening iron.  Right Seeker?
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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