Post Rapture Postal Service

I got a pretty good laugh out of this news article in USA Today.  Could it be?  Eschatology and Delivering Mail all in one unbelievable news article?  Follow this link to find out more.
Basically, this atheist who doesn’t believe in God, much less the rapture, is trying to cash in on the "Left Behind" hype.  The sad part is that this atheist will actually face the coming judgement.  Additionally, since the rapture will be PreWrath and not PreTrib, the rapture will occur at the beginning of the day of the LORD when God begins unleashing His wrath and fury upon an unbelieving world.  So the reality of beginning to deliver these letters after the rapture is almost non-existent.  Just read through the trumpets and bowls in Revelation and ask yourself if even our nations great mail carriers will be out delivering the mail. 
Yeah, through rain and sleet and snow, but nobody ever said anything about through fire and brimstone and plagues!
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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