Can you at least get to the collection box?

Part of me is anxious to get back to work, carrying the mail, another part of me can wait plenty.  I love my job, but we have to work for the government, and the managers they employ.  Consider this story from the Postal Record.
…carrier Jack Dickison tells me about  the adventure in carrying mail that he experienced this fine day.
It seems that as he was approaching one of the apartment complexes on his route, he couldn’t help but notice the 50 police vehicles surrounding his next stop.  He couldn’t help but notice the weapons drawn – pistols and M-16s. Couldn’t help but recognize the sound of gunfire (although he did say that it sounded like fireworks) as he approached the building.  Jack is one astute individual, I’d say.  Must be his army training, sir.
Anyhow, being a veteran carrier, he did the next logical thing:  He called back to the station and managed to get in touch with the station manager.  After fully explaining the precarious situation to her, she asked him – and I kid you not – "Can you at least get to the collection box?"
I like to have died!  I had a picture of Jack, low, crawling to the collection box, asking the police to cover him as he made a mad dash to the big blue box.  Rain, hail, sleet, snow or hail of gunfire.  Is there such a thing as a Bronze Star for valor for a letter carrrier?  Is there some kind of award for just plain stupid?  Well, there probably is, but just not for craft employees.
‘Til next time, keep your heads down, and be safe out there.  Mike Eckley, Branch #462.
After reading this, I’m not quite so anxious to go back.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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