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The Apostles’ System of Interpretation

This post continues the theme I started in Messianic Psalm or Language of Theophany.  I came across a post awhile back whereby the author was asserting that the apostles had no consistent hermeneutic that we could consistently use today.  Further, … Continue reading

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The Cross and the Two Natures

Here are some clips from the next chapter in Maxwell’s book, Born Crucified.  I am soaking these truths in anew as I meditate on them again, especially going into work and delivering on my route each day.   A WILD MAN, if … Continue reading

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Repost of PreMillennial Basics part 2

I looked for an older post that I had done and couldn’t find it.  I found part 1, but part 2 just isn’t on my blog anywhere.  So the following is a repost.  You can read about part 1 at this link … Continue reading

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What if I am a Preterist?

In my series showing why the Preterist position is scripturally untenable, I have conceded some points of prophecy that were fulfilled in 70 A.D. But what if this is leading us down a road whereby we would say that all … Continue reading

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The Kids say that Joshua is “Magic”

You can learn the most interesting things from children. This past Sunday in Junior Church, I was teaching the lesson of how Joshua and the Israelites actually conquered Ai. Many remember the story just before on how they failed to … Continue reading

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Messianic Psalm or Language of Theophany?

Almost two years ago I had a debate concerning Psalm 18.  The position that someone else took on this particular psalm is that this was metaphoric language that David used to describe what happened when God defeated His enemies for … Continue reading

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The Cross – Contrary to Nature

I read awhile back with great conviction the book Born Crucified, by L. E. Maxwell.  Here are some exerpts from the chapter titled "The Cross – Contrary to Nature".    MR. SPURGEON tells of a simple countryman who took his … Continue reading

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You might be a Michigander if…

They say you might be from Michigan if you’ve ever used your air conditioner and your heater in your house on the same day.  It wasn’t quite on the same day, but last Sunday it was 90 degrees.  On Monday it … Continue reading

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Cause and Effect

In my post titled The "Mark Dilemma" for Futurists, I highlighted what I termed "Prophetic Tension" stating that prophets sometimes used more of a "cause and effect" rather than a timeline in their prophecies. Now I read something very similar … Continue reading

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Jesus Prophetically Pronounced Judgement On His Own Generation

Why would a Futurist like myself even want to bring this point up? Answer: It’s the truth that so many Futurists try to brush under the carpet when dealing with Preterism. We need to be honest about 70 A.D. fulfillment, … Continue reading

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