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Every knee will bow

It certainly is interesting when NT authors quote the OT. In studying Philippians 2:10-11, it may seem like Paul is quoting a passage that we are familiar with, but he does not write "as it is written" or "for he … Continue reading

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Quotable Quotes from the Route

Every once in a while I hear a comment on the route that sticks with me for a long time.  I’ve got some that I remember from ten years back.  People can be just hilarious sometimes.  The following are a … Continue reading

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Why the Antichrist is an idiot

This was a very amusing post.  I have no idea what this guy’s views are, but he has a great sense of humor.  Sometimes we just need to laugh about all the eschatology hype, me especially.  You can read his … Continue reading

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The Sure Mercies of David ~ Isaiah 54 and 55

The context of Isaiah 54 is one of the restoration of Israel to her place as the wife of the LORD. I have blogged before that Israel is truly the bride of Christ as believing Gentiles are grafted in to … Continue reading

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Not Just For Israel

When I first began formulating my views on eschatology, I began hearing and reading the objections that the return of Christ as described in the Olivet Discourse is completely different from the return of Christ at the rapture.  Further (these people … Continue reading

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Relics of the Old World

Our former youth pastor came to our church the other night and gave a powerful message. While I won’t try to replicate the entire message, there was one point he brought out after quoting Malachi 3:16-18. 16 Then they that … Continue reading

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The Cross and the Flesh

The next chapter of Maxwell’s book, Born Crucified, has me thinking how much I am really in love with myself.  I want to preserve myself.  I think so highly of my ideas.  Any time I would have to say goodbye … Continue reading

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Events to be fulfilled before the rapture?

For those readers of my blog, this post may not make sense unless you understand the issues which eschatology students grapple with. There is a post on a blog which is presuming that there is nothing to be fulfilled before … Continue reading

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The Apostles’ System of Interpretation ~ Part 2

I have been quite disappointed with the whole system of dispensationalism for the past few years.  I am currently reviewing Progressive Dispensationalism to see if it has any merit to it.  There are some good points, but the whole system … Continue reading

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Something off about Seeker Sensitive

Mike Ratliff has a post concerning Bill Hybels and the seeker sensitive movement over at his blog entitled Possessing the Treasure.  I have been mulling the whole seeker sensitive movement for some time.  I have come to the same conclusion … Continue reading

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