Quotable Quotes from the Route

Every once in a while I hear a comment on the route that sticks with me for a long time.  I’ve got some that I remember from ten years back.  People can be just hilarious sometimes.  The following are a few quotes that I’ve had stuck in my head for quite some time now along with the stories which accompany them.

Man! I’ve got that idiot from zone three coming in today!

As I was delivering a business, this comment came from one of the employees. The business is like a hardware store specializing in a specific type of hardware. So there is the main floor with lots of merchandise/equipment, but then there is a back office section with cubicles. I don’t think there were any customers in the store, but I don’t think this employee cared either. He was walking from the main floor on his way back to the office section with a very perturbed look on his face when he exclaimed quite loudly, "Man! I’ve got that idiot from zone three coming in today!" The secretary behind the counter smirked a bit as he walked by. As I dropped the mail off I said to her, "That guy needs to learn not to hide his feelings. He should just say what’s on his mind." She smirked again and said, "Exactly." I’m sure we can all identify with this fellow as we all have that "idiot from zone three" that we have to deal with every once in a while.

We’ve got three seasons: Rake, Mow, and Shovel.

This fellow spends a lot of time in his yard always keeping it looking nice. Around autumn he is raking his lawn about every other day. I know he loves to do it, but I think on this day in particular it might have been wearing on him a bit. Some people divide up the seasons by the position of the sun, this fellow divides up the seasons by the type of time he has to spend in his yard.

Dawg! I know your every move. I know where you gonna show ‘fore you know where you gonna show up.

Back when I had my route in the Heights, I delivered the Heights High School. There would be times when I was delivering the mail to the office and it would be in between classes with many students in the hallways. This day happened to be on of those times. A student who had been apparently skipping a class or was someplace he wasn’t supposed to be opened a certain door only to have a hall monitor/truant officer type person waiting right there at the door as he opened it. The look on this student’s face was saying something like, "How did you know I would be coming out this door?" That’s when the school staff person busted out with, "Dawg! I know your every move. I know where you gonna show ‘fore you know where you gonna show up." I was cracking up as I left the building. Once in a while when I anticipate what someone else is going to say or do, this phrase runs through my mind.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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