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What Really Happened

I usually don’t post links to things like this since there is no scriptural view presented here.  But, there is some good factual material on how the Middle East (focusing on the creation of the state of Israel) came to … Continue reading

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Of Whom Does the Prophet Speak?

Dr. William Varner has an excellent article in the latest issue of Zion’s Fire. This magazine is published by Zion’s Hope Inc., a Bible-believing faith ministry to the Jewish people and the world God so loves. As Zion’s Hope was … Continue reading

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The Church Does Not Replace Israel

I finally found an article about the relationship between Israel and the Church that I agree with.  This article takes into consideration the two most prevalent views, Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism, and finds middle ground between the two.  By the … Continue reading

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New Again

My cousin from Alaska, the trapper and big game hunter, sent me a link to this video to a song called New Again by Brad Paisley and Sara Evans.  The video has clips from the Passion of the Christ and … Continue reading

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While Christmas shopping at the mall a couple of weeks back, as I was walking past one of these stands in the middle, a man stepped out and asked me this question with a thick accent, "Excuse me sir, do … Continue reading

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Running Just to Catch Myself

This post will be filled with some updates on things that are going on in my life.  First off, I have no idea how PJ Miller at Sola Dei Gloria keeps up with everything on the world wide web.  In … Continue reading

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