Running Just to Catch Myself

This post will be filled with some updates on things that are going on in my life.  First off, I have no idea how PJ Miller at Sola Dei Gloria keeps up with everything on the world wide web.  In one day there can be as many as five posts, all top notch and interesting as well.  My suggestion, add the blog to your favorites and check in there everyday yourself.  Skim the titles to the posts and see what piques your interest.  Three that caught my attention today and yesterday were Rick Warren Asked Allah for Forgiveness; Question? , also Temple Institute Announces: High Priest’s Crown is Ready , but especially this one: A True Christian?  Just make sure and watch the video all the way to the end.
Those who know my friend Tom may be wondering how he is doing.  Tom has some health issues which he is trying to get resolved right now.  He is currently living with his sister about an hour and a half drive from here.  His sister lives close to the VA hospital which is convenient for Tom as he tries to get these health issues under control.  He was recently diagnosed as a diabetic along with having a flare up in his arthritis in one of his ankles.  On top of that he has some teeth that need to be pullled and a cataract on one eye.  But that’s just his physical health.  Spiritually, he is doing quite well.  He is still alcohol free.  His goal is to come back to live close to our church, but he knows he cannot live with any of his old friends as they all drink and will be a stumbling block to him.  He told me on the phone the other day that he knows that light can have no fellowship with darkness.  I send him a CD each week with a recording of our worship services on it along with a short letter.  He calls about once a week to let me know how he is doing.  One thing that touched me was after this last letter that I sent him.  I couldn’t think of anything that was going on specifically so I just wrote what I was personally studying in my Bible in Isaiah 54 and 55.  He read through both chapters and then called me and wanted to talk about it.  Tom has no living arrangements for when he comes back to our town, but he plans on coming back somehow.  I’m praying that he would be able to and that our church would be able to continue to minister to him.  The cards that people have sent him while he is away have been a big influence in his life.  Everytime he receives a card he tells me about it and if it’s not too personal, he reads me the card.  I can tell as he reads them that they are encouraging him to make it through another week.  I have been a stick in the mud about sending cards out, but my wife is very good about it.  I’m starting to see how powerful this has been so my views are changing as I see the ministry they are working in Tom’s life.
Delivering the mail is getting interesting again.  Enough with the boring weather, bring on winter!  Last week, the radio forecast was calling for 40 mile per hour winds.  I thought, "Okay, it will be a little windy today."  Then when I got out delivering in it I thought, "Oh yeah.  This is what delivering in 40 mile per hour wind is like."    Then we had a day where the temperature was in the low twenties with winds over 20 miles per hour.  That makes for a fairly cool wind chill factor.  When you are delivering you have to hold your bundle of mail with one hand while your other is free to deliver it to the box.  The hand that you hold the bundle with tends to go numb in cold weather since it’s not moving around.  That’s not a big deal since when your hand is numb you have no feeling.  When it warms up is the problem because now your hand can feel again and it’s not happy about having been too cold to move.  It tends to be like a deep ache.  So I’m thinking, "Oh yeah.  This is what it’s like to lose all the feeling in your hand." 
I have written the Christmas program this year for the kid’s club.  The lady who has done it for the past two years said she is all out of ideas.  So I wrote some ideas down, she liked them, and we went from there.  I thought I would hand the program off to her to direct, but I find that I’m doing quite a bit of follow through on this as well.  One of the ladies who helped her direct last year is not involved this year so she needs a little more help in the area of directing.  The past couple of days there has been quite a bit to do so I feel like I’m running just to catch myself like Mark Schultz.  Little things that need to be done always seem to get done by the busy people.  We have a lot of good leaders who are helping out, though, and I appreciate them all.  Everyone that we’ve asked has been positive, supportive, and willing to help.  The title to the program is "A Cradle in the Shadow of a Cross" as that song will be sung as the climax at the end by none other than my own Diva.  I’m excited about the program.
My wife had all her Christmas shopping done even before she went out on Black Friday.  I started about a week ago.  But don’t worry family, you’ll get something.  You’ll at least get an invitation to come over since Christmas is at my house this year.  More craziness.  We’ll have a good time though.
Have fun and stay busy (I know I am) – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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