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Keys of the Kingdom

Scot McKnight is currently doing a series entitled Keys of the Kingdom on his blog, Jesus Creed.  The main exploration is why the difference between the kingdom and the church?  I have enjoyed this series very much as he has … Continue reading

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Too Small a Thing

I believe it was Inrush’s third year. We only attended on Sunday evening this year as we missed Saturday night. But what a couple of great messages. I can’t even remember the names of the pastors who spoke, but the … Continue reading

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We don’t have to shovel sunshine

Quotable Quotes from the Route #2   Two weeks ago when it warmed up to 50 degrees and all the snow melted, the owner of a small business commented favorably on the weather with this quote, "We don’t have to … Continue reading

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The Israel of God

My post titled Gentiles can participate in the New Covenant with Israel was actually something that I posted on a message board to someone.  I pointed out that Galatians refers to the church as the Israel of God.  There was … Continue reading

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The Ultimate in Bear Hunting

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and all you Dave Bussard Wannabe’s-   It is with great pleasure that I give you a link to a video which I have been dying to share for the past year and a … Continue reading

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Two Videos

If you enjoy a good musical drama, this video here, which is set to Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart may stir your heart strings to shed a tear or two.  Share it with unbelievers.   If you enjoy … Continue reading

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Daniel’s Seventieth Week Is Yet Future

Daniel’s Seventieth Week Is Yet Future My series which dealt with Preterism focused mainly on the Olivet Discourse. There are events that we must concede were fulfilled in A.D. 70 if we are to be fair about the whole debate. But … Continue reading

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Gentiles can participate in the New Covenant with Israel

When it comes to theology regarding how the church relates to Israel, I have come across a lot of opposing views.  I’ve pretty much chucked them all in the garbage and started from scratch in my own personal studies.  I … Continue reading

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Dear Popular Christian Contemporary Music Artist-

Dear Popular Christian Contemporary Music Artist- I have just received your sixth release for a Christmas present. I am excited about listening to the latest songs of my favorite singer/songwriter. But as I listen to your latest release, I can’t … Continue reading

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