Dear Popular Christian Contemporary Music Artist-

Dear Popular Christian Contemporary Music Artist-

I have just received your sixth release for a Christmas present. I am excited about listening to the latest songs of my favorite singer/songwriter. But as I listen to your latest release, I can’t help but wonder what direction your music is headed. When I think about the past albums you have compiled, I know for certain that you are still my favorite; but when I listen to your newer songs, there seems to be something missing.

It seems that these past two releases have been an attempt to go back and try to replicate the types of songs that were present on your second album, which most say is your best. But in trying to recreate the atmosphere of the second album, you haven’t captured the actual essence. Your first three albums were filled with such passion for God. In the songs where you were singing to God as a prayer, it seemed as if you knew that God’s ear was bending from the very heavens to hear your humble cries. In your trials, you were struggling to behold the glory of God as you endured for Christ. All of the things that plague me in my walk were the same things that you were struggling with. Doubts, fears, and second guessings were remedied by remembering God’s promises in the Word. Which reminds me, you demonstrated an acute knowledge of God’s Word on your first three albums as well. It seemed that scripture was woven into your music as a part of the tapestry of your own life. Without the scriptures in those songs, they would have been devoid of meaning.

When you were singing about Jesus, your voice was filled with such a love that it shone through the music to reveal your very heart to me. The music flowed freely from your soul into my very life. When your themes touched on different people in your life, you were seeking to point them solely to God. As you sang about your feeble attempts to witness of the Savior, I could identify with your experiences. Your music inspired me, not because it was a certain style, or because your voice was of a certain quality, but because when I listened to your music, I was growing spiritually.

Your latest music is nice to listen to, and it has some good themes; but shouldn’t a Christian be growing in their faith? If you are growing in your faith, shouldn’t your music also be experiencing a deeper knowledge of God’s Word? Instead of your music becoming more saturated with the Word of God, it has become more shallow in that respect. The themes you sing of now are nice things that most other Christian artists are singing of, but it lacks the passion that you once sung with.

Could it be that your second album is your best album because people could actually sense in their spirits the passion for Christ that was poured into it? Could it be that Christians are tired of the same old themes that everyone else is singing about and are hungry for something that goes deep into God’s Word and yet is applicable to their everyday struggles? No matter how hard you try to replicate your second album, you should know that you can’t replicate a passion for God. God did something special with your first three albums that He has not done with your fourth, fifth, or sixth.

I would encourage you to get into the Word of God in a deeper way starting today. Your relationship with Christ will affect your music. If you are not trusting Christ in a deeper way every day, then everything in your life will reflect that, including the music you write and sing. The church is waiting for someone to come and show them our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ in a fresh, new way. We are tired of the same old cliches. For a couple of years, you were doing this. Start with the Psalms. What was David singing about? Christian Contemporary Music is a far cry away from the passion found in David’s singing.

Please understand that I love your music and I love your heart. I want you to be on fire for Christ, not just cranking out albums.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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2 Responses to Dear Popular Christian Contemporary Music Artist-

  1. Carmen says:

    That was great, Darrin. I want to know who the band is! Not because I\’m curious to know who has gotten weak, but because their first three albums sound so good I just gotta listen to them!

  2. Darrin says:

    Maybe later I will post who I\’m talking about.  There is one in particular, but I\’ve noticed this trend in many Christian artists.  They will put out two or three albums, gain some popularity, then the quality of the music becomes shallow.  I could name four top notch artists right now, but I\’ll refrain.  I highly doubt any artists will be reading this, but just in case, I wanted to leave it open for all to apply it to themselves.  I suppose it goes beyond the scope of music, too.
    Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
    -The Orange Mailman

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