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Romans 15:10 and Israel’s Future Covenants

Romans 15:10 and Deuteronomy 32:43 The next OT scripture that Paul cites takes us back to the law of Moses. In Romans 15:10 the Apostle Paul quotes Deuteronomy 32:43; so we give ourselves to the study of why he did. … Continue reading

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PreWrath Spouse Support Group

I posted this satirical piece on PreWrath Only and received some good feedback.  Here is it for you all as well.   PreWrath Spouse Support Group Is your spouse spending too much time reading prophecy books? Do you try to get their … Continue reading

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Romans 15:9 and Psalm 18:49

The Apostle Paul quotes four Old Testament scriptures in four verses concerning the salvation of the Gentiles. In Romans 15:8-12, Paul establishes the foundation that Gentiles (non-Israelites) are to glorify God right alongside the nation of Israel, then quotes four … Continue reading

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NBA Great Charles Barkley Calls Conservatives ‘Fake Christians’

Charles Barkley, who plans on getting into politics in the near future, has made a statement concerning "Conservatives".  This video is less than two minutes long and contains the statement, "Every time I hear the word ‘conservative’ it makes me … Continue reading

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Churches Close, Bars Stay Open

Last Sunday it was a blizzard out. We made it to church fine, but the attendance was about half what it normally is. Conditions were forecasted to become worse throughout the afternoon and evening. So our church decided to cancel … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ became a Minister of the Circumcision

Before I get into the OT prophecies which are quoted by the Apostle Paul in Romans 15:9-12, it is important to examine the opening phrases that he uses just before quoting the OT scriptures. Here is the text from ESV: … Continue reading

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Random Thought

You can only keep up an act for so long.   That’s it for today.  Just a random thought.  You provide the story.  But perhaps my thought is not so random.

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Romans 15:3 and Psalm 69:9

I am beginning a short series on Romans 15 focusing on the prophecies that Paul quotes here, and in what way he sees them as being fulfilled from the New Testament perspective. I believe the apostles were not just picking … Continue reading

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Israel in the Millennium by John Douglas

Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony has a quarterly publication entitled Watching and Waiting. The October/November 2007 issue has an article titled "Israel in the Millennium" expounding on Romans 15:8-12. I was excited to read something on this often overlooked passage of … Continue reading

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