Resurrection Sunday Comic Strips

As I have mentioned before, I take the comics way too seriously.  On Resurrection Sunday, (I much prefer this term to "Easter"), I like to see which comic strips observe the day, and in particular, which way they observe the day.  Will they mention the resurrection of Jesus?  Will they simply have a funny skit about the Easter Bunny, candy, or spring in general?  Last year the winners were Agnes, Family Circus, and B.C.  Only one is a repeat as a winner this year.  Here is the tally for this years’ awards.
As far as B.C. goes, there was a mention by Wiley of the gift of life, but let me just say for the record, I miss Johnny Hart.  He had a way of presenting the gospel that was unequaled.  The true meaning of the resurrection was not mentioned in B.C. this year.  Family Circus missed it this year as well. 
Cathy mentioned Easter, candy, and bunnies.  Sally Forth had the traditional match between Hillary and her mother in the ongoing feud of eating the ears off Hil’s chocolate Easter Bunny.  As cute as Dennis the Menace was, there was only an Easter egg hunt. Hi and Lois had a skit about the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, and Easter candy.  Mutts, Arlo and Janis, Marvin, and Heathcliff all had an Easter Bunny skit.  Rhymes With Orange had a bizarre twist on the origin of the Easter egg.  The Dinette Set, Heart of the City, and Soup To Nutz all had an Easter candy skit.  Stone Soup’s Easter egg skit is hardly worth mentioning.
Last year, Mallard Fillmore got my last place award.  This year the strip has come up a notch by mentioning The Lord.  Even though the strip is not one of my favorites, at least Bruce Tinsley put more in there than 99% of the other comic strips.
This year’s ultimate loser award for Resurrection Sunday goes to For Better Or For Worse.  Here we have the family in church, but absolutely no truth about Christ, much less the resurrection, being spoken from the pulpit.  Instead we have the generic language that could be from any religion.  Then to top it off, "young" Michael asks mom (young Elly) "how come we only come twice a year?", meaning, come to church.  It’s like Lynn Johnston is endorsing a church celebrating Easter with no mention of Jesus being raised from the dead, and further, setting the example that it’s just standard practice to attend church twice per year.  For Better Or For Worse, you get last place this year.
My winner for this year is really only due to the fact that no other strips even ran anything at all about the resurrection of Jesus.  The strips I mention above are the ones that mention Easter in a secular way.  But for the most part, there was no mention of Easter at all this year.  So without further ado, here is my winner.
Agnes was cute.  I have appreciated several Christian references from this comic strip over the last year.  This year the strip mentions "our sweet Lord’s victory over death".  Never mind that Agnes is wearing an Easter Bunny costume and is trying to get out of attending church while reciting the line to her grandmother.  The strip is usually a bit lacking in the art aspect, but the great writing almost always makes up for it.  Overall today’s strip is a winner as far as delivering a good message and punchline.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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