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Sara Groves is still my favorite artist

Sara Groves is still my favorite artist. Her new album entitled Tell Me What You Know is really growing on me. BTW, thanks to my ONE FRIENDS JIM for the Christmas present. The more I listen to it, the more … Continue reading

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Teen Quote from the Route

I forgot just how funny this quote was. Then the other night we were at PN8 and K8’s house and I told this story but I busted laughing up as I told the punch line, or delivered the quote from … Continue reading

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Mail Carrier catches baby from 2nd story window

A fellow Mail Carrier has saved the life of a 1 year old baby by catching her as she fell out from a second story window.  I don’t personally know Lisa Harrell since she is over in Albany, New York, … Continue reading

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Messianic Gentiles

I want to point out one more item of interest in Psalm 115 that I previously overlooked. Sometimes you are focusing so much on new things in the passage that you overlook very simple things that you knew all along. … Continue reading

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The Cross and the Will of God

It’s time again to contemplate the cross by posting some clips from Born Crucified.  How can I tell the world this message?  God does not call sinners to discipline themselves so that they sin less and less over time.  God … Continue reading

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The Salvation of the Gentiles in Psalm 117

Closing Thoughts Regarding the GMC Psalm 110 through Psalm 118 being contiguous makes for some interesting conclusions regarding the Messiah, His Priesthood, the Covenant People of God, and the Salvation of the Gentiles. Instead of simply reading Psalm 110 and … Continue reading

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Blogs and Links

I’ve been wanting to update my blog list for a while.  Some of the blogs that I have links to have been there for a while, but I’ll name them all off anyway.  Some of them I just put in … Continue reading

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The Apocalypse of the Great Messianic Concerto

Psalm 110-118 contains an apocalyptic concerto which proclaims the Messiah and unveils what it means to be a part of the covenant people of God. Each movement or sonata is separated by the phrase "Praise the LORD" which is set … Continue reading

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All things to all people

On my route, there can be so many different situations in a very short period of time. Within five minutes I can be expected to be sad with someone who is going through grief, then be mad with someone who … Continue reading

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Children’s TV in Gaza courtesy of Hamas

You have got to see this to believe it.  I am providing a link to a children’s TV show put out by Hamas which is being shown in Gaza.  The video depicts puppet show in which a child enters the … Continue reading

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