Interaction between Pre-Millennialism and A-Millennialism

Can the two differing positions within eschatology named Pre-Millennialism and A-Millennialism have meaningful interaction?  Can both sides dialogue by asking sincere questions, addressing the true issues, and giving ground when neccessary?  My first instinct is to say "Probably not."  But after a little dialogue at Illumination which is the official blog for the Midwest Center for Theological Studies, I may change my answer to "Probably not."
It was not a complete failure.  Dr. Waldron and Professor Barcellos both gave polite explanations for their views on scripture without putting me down in any way.  In case anyone is wondering, the aforementioned scholars are A-Millennialists while I am a Pre-Millennialist.  What surprised me is that Dr. Waldron took the next two posts on his blog and devoted them to responding to my queries under the comments from the post where I addressed the issues.  I may yet change my answer to the above question as I plan on responding back to some of the issues that were raised, or ignored as the case may be.  Perhaps the two eschatological positions can have meaningful dialogue.  Then again, perhaps not.
This link here is to the post with all the comments which started the dialogue.  I appreciate the attitude of everyone who responded to me.  There was no pettiness in the posts at all.  If one wants to become familiar with some of the issues that differentiate between A-Millennialism and Pre-Millennialism, you should check out the discussion which follows the post.  I may blog about these issues at some later point in time, but as some of you know, I’m in the midst of writing about Romans 15:8-12 and I seem to be stuck on Psalm 110 – 118.
These links here and here are the posts in which Dr. Waldron devotes the space to respond to little old me.  Please check them out.  If anyone has any feedback, any advice for me, or comments for these fine A-Millennial scholars, please leave a comment here on my blog.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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