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I’ve been wanting to update my blog list for a while.  Some of the blogs that I have links to have been there for a while, but I’ll name them all off anyway.  Some of them I just put in a couple of days ago, and a couple just today.  Here are some of my favourites.
#1-  Although it’s been quiet lately at PreWrath Only, it is still a good message board to be a part of.
#2-  Fulfilled Prophecy ~ They are still providing newsworthy links to relevant end times events.
#3-  PreWrath Rapture Dot Com remains interesting.
#4-  PJ Miller at Sola Dei Goria is still cranking out the posts like there is no tomorrow.  I don’t read everything; I usually skim, picking out things that interest me.  Everything is top notch, though.
#5-  TBNN is a satirical blog type thing that is just hilarious.  It is written from a Reformed point of view, but these fellows have a good sense of humor even about themselves.  Some of their posts have me laughing out loud.
#6-  Dave Bussard is taking an extended coffee break right now, but you can bet when The PreWrath Tribune gets up and running again that I will be right there.
#7-  Brian Simmons has a blog titled Advanced Eschatology.  I’ve only been reading it for a couple of months now, but it seems pretty good.
#8-  Glenn Scrivener at Christ the Truth has a good thing going.  His posts are pretty in depth, usually causing one to stop and think.  He has a unique perspective and an ability to bring things back to Christ at every turn.  Since one of my foci is escatology, I will say up front that Glenn is an A-Millennialist.  But I that doesn’t stop me from finding that he and I have a whole lot in common.  Since Glenn was kind enough to post a link on his blog to The Orange Mailman, I thought I would give a nod his way as well.  I’ve been reading Christ the Truth since November of last year.
#9- The Stumbling Block is Bobby Grow’s outlet.  Some of the things that he posts on are quite theological in nature, if you know what I mean.  Bobby is a Progressive Dispensationalist which has caused some interesting debate…   err…  discussion on his blog between a variety of posters.
#10-  Jesus Creed is Scot McKnight’s blog which is slightly emergent, but don’t hold it against him.  I read it to stay informed on certain issues as I try to see things from that perspective.  Scot’s views on the kingdom are invaluable.
#11-  The Earnest Contender is none other than John Wendell.  He was brave enough to put a link to my blog over there, so I thought I would respond in kind.  John posts a little less frequently, but has good material.
#12-  Crosswalk is a great online resource for a guy like me who has next to nothing for study resources.  Believe it or not, all I have in front of me is my computer and a couple of versions of the Bible.  I can find the meaning for the Hebrew and Greek words as well as finding every occurrence of that word in the scriptures.
#13-  Sovereign Grace Advent Testimonies ~  I haven’t purchased anything from there in a while, but I am reading Watching and Waiting when it comes out quarterly.  I had planned on reading BW Newton’s book on Isaiah, but I wanted to study Isaiah in depth for myself before reading it.  I can’t seem to get through Isaiah 60-66.  Too many side projects.
So there you have it folks.  By the way, since I’ve been sharing all the names of the folks behind the blogs, I guess I’ll share my name.  My name is Darrin Ball, also known as The Orange Mailman.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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