Messianic Gentiles

I want to point out one more item of interest in Psalm 115 that I previously overlooked. Sometimes you are focusing so much on new things in the passage that you overlook very simple things that you knew all along. In Psalm 115:2 we have the mention of the Gentiles. The word is translated "nations" or "heathen", but what is meant is the term "Gentiles". What immediately follows this is a description of the worship system of the Gentiles. Gentiles, by nature, have a false worship system by which they esteem things made with hands. These idols that they worship have eyes but do not see. They have ears but do not hear. They have feet but do not walk.

Now note what Gentiles are like in comparison to these idols. All who trust in them are like them, 115:8. Anyone who worships that which is made with hands is just like the idol. The idol has eyes but cannot see. The idol has ears but cannot hear. God is saying that someone who has a false worship system is spiritually blind, spiritually deaf, and spiritually dead. These Gentiles who taunt the nation of Israel asking where their God is are truly spiritually dead themselves.

Then in 115:17, I reiterate that those who go to the grave have no hope of praising God since they will be dead. The connection is clearly present between the spiritually dead Gentiles worshiping idols and the dead who cannot praise God. The voice here is one who has hope in praising God so their final destination must be somewhere other than the grave. The voice also must be one who does not worship things made with hands (thereby being spiritually dead) but worships the One True God.

When we come to Psalm 117, we see the command for all Gentile nations to break forth into song to the LORD. This must mean that the way has been opened for spiritually dead Gentiles to be brought into life. These Gentiles who, just a few verses earlier, were like the idols that they worship, spiritually blind, spiritually deaf, and spiritually dead, have now been brought to life.

Since this whole passage is about the Messiah, this makes these Gentiles who worship the LORD to be Messianic Gentiles. The way to the LORD is through the Messiah who descends into the grave to bring redemption to His people. These Gentiles whose eyes are enlightened, whose ears are opened, and whose life is resurrected are partakers in the Messiah. I have never read the term Messianic Gentile anywhere, but it certainly fits, don’t you think? When we come to the New Testament and see that the New Testament was entirely Israelite at its onset with believing Gentiles brought in at a later point in time, we should remember the relationship between Israel and believing Gentiles. Some in the church dub any Israelites who believe in the Messiah as Messianic Jews. Doesn’t this put the whole issue backward? It is Gentiles who are allowed to partake of Israel’s Messiah, not Israelites who are allowed into the Christian church. I think instead of calling myself a Christian, I want to be called a Messianic Gentile. Besides, Christ and Messiah have the exact same meaning. Christ – ian, or Christ One has the same meaning as One of the Messiah’s.

Messianic Gentiles have been brought out from spiritual blindness, spiritual deafness, and spiritual death. Praise God for His mercy to a blind man like me. If it weren’t for His grace, I’d be just like every one that I work with who is spiritually blind. When I deliver on my route and I see someone cursing, smoking pot, drinking alcohol, or fighting, I need to remember, "That was me."

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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4 Responses to Messianic Gentiles

  1. Glen says:

    Count me in as a Messianic Gentile!  Like it.  (Though I wouldn\’t mind being called a Messianic Jew either (Rom 2:29))
    Notice also places like Josh 8:33 and 35 – \’All Israel\’ = \’aliens and citizens alike.\’  But your point is great – we deaf, blind Gentiles are grafted into the true vine only there do we find true life (and become true Israel!).

  2. Glen says:

    btw the last comment was from Glen (Christ the Truth).  I\’m not the most technically proficient blogger!

  3. Darrin says:

    Hey Glenn-
    I\’ve got a hunch that you and I see Israel ever so slightly differently.  I believe that passage in Romans 2 is directed at ethnic Jews.  It\’s sort of like saying, "you think you are a Jew just because you\’ve been circumcised, but you need to be circumcised in your heart in order to truly be Jewish."  I believe Gentiles still maintain their ethnicity within the body of Messiah. 
    I agree with you that the OT is overflowing with references to Gentiles within the plan of God.  That seems to be the whole point in calling Israel out as a nation – to be a blessing to all nations.
    Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
    -The Orange Mailman

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