Teen Quote from the Route

I forgot just how funny this quote was. Then the other night we were at PN8 and K8’s house and I told this story but I busted laughing up as I told the punch line, or delivered the quote from the teen on my route. That’s the great thing about typing up a post. I can be laughing at the top of my lungs and you wouldn’t know it one bit.

To start off, let’s go into the background of the teenager. When this guy was nine years old, he started attending our church on Wednesday evenings. He was fairly rough but seemed to enjoy our children’s program. But when he was in fifth grade there was an incident whereby he sort of went berserk. I gave him a warning for talking while another leader was talking, which he took offense to. He had brought a hockey stick and began running around the church threatening anyone who got too close to him. Fortunately, that year we had a police officer as one of our leaders. He knew just how to subdue him without hurting him at all. We told him he had to take a week off before he could come back.

Fast forward to him being in about eighth grade. He was now up with the teens in the youth group. That means he’s under PN8’s jurisdiction. He had a habit of picking on teens that were bigger than him, which resulted in numerous tiffs within the youth group. But one night he decided to come down where the younger kids were, which all the teens know they aren’t supposed to do. He and another teen were standing downstairs. I told them both that they needed to wait upstairs for their younger brothers or sisters. He got mad, walked up the stairs to the glass door which exits the church on that side, and kicked it so hard that it shattered the glass. We had witnesses that saw him do it, but he denied it. Even when we sent a police officer over to his home, he maintained that he did not do it. The solution that the church leaders came to a consensus on was that this boy would not be allowed back at our church until he owned up to his wrong doing.

So that was pretty much the last we saw of him which was about five years ago. Somehow when we were at PN8 and K8’s, the subject came up. Then I remembered that I had recently seen him on my route. So I told PN8 this story.

I was delivering a house and I heard someone who was walking by say, "Hey Darrin." I looked up and quickly placed his face.

"Alan?" I asked.

Yeah, how’s it going?

Not bad. What are you up to?

Just trying to stay out of trouble.

Okay. Well it’s good to see you. Try and stay out of trouble.

I have to, I have a baby on the way.

A baby!? Aren’t you only eighteen?

No. I’m almost nineteen.

That’s where I officially lost it as I was telling the story to PN8. Isn’t that just like a teenager? "I’m not eighteen, I’m almost nineteen, and with a baby on the way as well." I didn’t bust up laughing as he told me this on my route, I simply smiled and wished him well.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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