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I’m not an angler or a fisherman, but I…   I am not a hunter or a fisher, but…   I don’t hunt or fish, okay?  But I do enjoy the outdoors immensely.  I will be AFK for a bit … Continue reading

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A Favor For Raul

PreWrath friend, Raul, asked me a month and a half  ago, to look at an article by Roy Reinhold concerning Revelation 14 and the two harvestings.  Raul knows that I have held for some time that the first reaping in … Continue reading

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Giant Beetles Seized at Post Office

Beetlemania at Pennsylvania post office Huge beetles, some 6 inches in diameter, seized in shipment from Taiwan   Quoting the news article: PHILADELPHIA – Customs agents seized more than two dozen giant beetles — some the size of a child’s … Continue reading

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Paul – The Apostle to the Gentiles

I want to include one final Old Testament quote in this series on the salvation of the Gentiles. In Romans 15, Paul quotes the Old Testament six times, four of which comprise the section directed at the subject of the … Continue reading

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Romans 15:8-12 ~ A Brief Summary

The Apostle Paul quotes four Old Testament passages when writing to the Romans about the salvation of the Gentiles. Is Paul just plucking the first four verses that come to mind, or does he have a design in mind when … Continue reading

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British Humor

There are a lot of funny videos on the web, but this one had me in stitches.  Who says advertisements for Christian books have to be boring?  And any video that has the following quotes is definitely going to make … Continue reading

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The Cross and the Will of God continued

I am reading another Lamplighter book entitled The Shepherd of Bethlehem by A.L.O.E. (hey Micah, that’s the author who wrote The Giant Killer).  The story thus far is one of a preacher who comes to a small town in England … Continue reading

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Gentile Nations Will Seek The Messiah

The final OT passage that the Apostle Paul quotes in this mini explosion of Old Testament references in Romans 15:8-12 concerning the salvation of the Gentiles is Isaiah 11:10. We cannot simply look at this one verse; the entire chapter … Continue reading

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