Giant Beetles Seized at Post Office

Beetlemania at Pennsylvania post office

Huge beetles, some 6 inches in diameter, seized in shipment from Taiwan

Quoting the news article:
PHILADELPHIA – Customs agents seized more than two dozen giant beetles — some the size of a child’s hand — from an overseas package after postal workers heard the insects making scratching noises.  "The specimens were some of the largest of their kind, and some of the largest I’ve ever seen, averaging five to six inches in diameter," John Plummer, an agency agriculture specialist, said in a statement Wednesday. "They are highly destructive insect pests that can cause extensive damage to fruit and vegetable crops, trees, shrubs and turf grasses."  In all, authorities found 26 Hercules, rhinoceros and Goliath beetles. It is illegal to ship live beetles into the United States without a permit from the Department of Agriculture.  Seven of the beetles were in containers labeled by gender, which means they could have been intended for breeding, customs agency spokesman Steve Sapp said Wednesday.
Read the entire article and see a picture at this link here.
This news article popped up on my radar for three reasons. 
#1-  As a postal worker, I may have to deal with something of this nature in the future.  We receive safety talks on an ongoing basis about the changing nature of the dangers in mail delivery.  Pipe bombs put in mailboxes, the big anthrax scare awhile back, acts of terrorism through the mail, chemicals leaking out of packages, all these things are issues that we have to be aware of and prepared to deal with.
#2-  Could the nature of terrorism be changing?  Instead of a nuclear bomb, suicide bombers, or deadly chemicals, why not release an insect plague, a nest of poisonous snakes, or a rabid carnivore into the population?  If terrorists can bring destruction through releasing insects which devour crops, they could wreak more havoc on a country than coordinating for years for one explosive act of terrorism.  Of course, breeding a huge army of insects would take time as well.
#3-  As we draw closer to the time of the Great Tribulation, we could consider this as a possibility as to how God will deal with the world.  In the Bible, some plagues are named specifically, but we have passages in the Bible that are general in nature.  We don’t know all the details.  Matthew 24:7 and Luke 21:11 mention pestilences, but what kind?  Mark 13:8 mentions trouble, or disturbances without elaborating.  Famines are mentioned in all three of the previous verses, but how do these famines come about?  An insect horde could easily cause one.  In Revelation 6:8, at the opening of the sixth seal, we see Death using whatever means he chooses to wreak havoc, even by beasts.
I would like to say, "Praise the LORD, we believers will be spared from this."  But I can’t.  All of the above verses occur within the context of tribulation that the church will face, not God’s wrath, which the church will be spared.  Be prepared for six inch beetles, or should I say, locusts?
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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