I’m not an angler or a fisherman, but I…
I am not a hunter or a fisher, but…
I don’t hunt or fish, okay?  But I do enjoy the outdoors immensely.  I will be AFK for a bit while I travel to Minnesota for a canoe trip into the boundary waters.  We drive to Ely, then drive until the roads don’t go any further, then put in on Thursday.  We’ll paddle ten miles or so and camp in the middle of nowhere.  Actually, Ely is the middle of nowhere, so we will be miles displaced from nowhere.  I’ll be with my ONE FRIENDS, Jim.  And, truthfully, I do have other friends that I will be with as well.
The Diva said that I should write that I’ll be AFK which means "away from keyboard".  Hopefully, she’s being serious and it doesn’t stand for something really embarrassing. 
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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