Bible School For Prophets

For some reason, I’ve thought that the sons of the prophets in the days of Elisha functioned like a school for the prophets. I believe it was founded by Samuel at Ramah and carried on by other prophets, most notably Elijah and Elisha. Bethel and Gilgal were two cities that Samuel made regular visits to when he judged Israel, and these cities are mentioned in connection with the sons of the prophets who were associated with Elijah and Elisha.

Who knows how many prophets who wrote scripture came out of this school of the prophets? I wonder what type of learning and teaching went on in these communities of prophets. Was prophesying a trade that was passed on from father to son? Sort of like an apprenticeship? At what age could a son officially become a prophet and not be just a son of a prophet? When examining this type of prophetic communal living, it sheds light on Amos’ statements in Amos 7:12-16. Here Amos was saying, "I’m not a prophet, nor a son of a prophet." It was sort of like an admission that he wasn’t associated with these prophetic communities like other popular (or not so popular) prophets of the day were.

Here are some classes that were offered in the Bible School for Prophets:

Food Multiplication Tables

Underwater Axe Swimming

Prophesying as a Second Language

Bald Heads, Disposable Beards, and Leather Girdles: Classic Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid

Anointing Made Simple: Pray, Point, and Pour

Fiery Chariot Watching

The Gehazi Complex

Bedchamber Eavesdropping

Dreams, Visions, and Backaches

Buying Back Your Wife (For Less Than You Sold Her For)

Advanced Anointing: Identifying, Selecting, and Delegating

Healing Lepers, Pottage, and Waters

Confronting Kings with Lambs, Figs, and Drought

Water Parting 101(Kidron), 102(Jordan), and 103(Red Sea)

The Jezebel Obsession

Cursing Without Sinning

Ditch Digging

Mantle Modeling

Ephods, Urim, and Thummin


Fiery Chariot Riding

Resurrection: How to Raise the Dead – Yourself Excluded


The above comments were inspired(?) by a post on Glen’s blog, Christ the Truth. Glen can have an odd sense of humor sometimes and this post of his about Bible College betrayed this side of him. As I read the post, my odd (and orange) sense of humor started working and next thing you know, I had typed a response which included some humorous stuff. You can read Glen’s post and my original response right here.

Also, Marco Perez is writing a book and has a humorous chapter which includes some funny stuff about Bible College. Read about it here.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

P. S.  If anyone is interested in attended BSP, let me know.  Some classes may be limited.  It will be first come first serve.

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