Numerology of New Beginnings

Numerology of Sunday Worship

When the first day of the week dawned on that resurrection morning, it was the day after the Sabbath. When we enter the Messianic Kingdom, we will be entering the Messianic rest. The Sabbath is seven. But when the resurrection came, it was the day after the seventh, or the eighth. The resurrection will one day be a new beginning on the other side of the Sabbath. This will follow the Sabbath rest of the Messianic Kingdom which is the Millennial Kingdom.

When studying the numerology of the Bible, the number eight tells of a new beginning. Since Matthew and Mark both make specific note that the Sabbath was past when this first day of the week dawned, we see that we are on the eighth day, the day after the seventh. So although it is the first day, it is also the eighth. Eight is the number of new beginnings. Eight was the number of souls on the ark for the new beginning on the new earth, I Peter 3:20, as well as Noah’s personal number, II Peter 2:5. Israelites were circumcised at eight days old. This was the cutting away of the old flesh to begin anew. Luke records the fulfillment of the eight days for Jesus. The dedication of the firstborn to the LORD occurred on the eighth day, Exodus 22:30. A leper could be pronounced clean on the eighth day or anyone with a type of uncleanness for that matter thus beginning a new life symbolized especially in the releasing of the living bird into the open fields, Leviticus 14:10, 53. David was the eighth son. He would be the new king after God’s own heart replacing Saul.

Concerning the tabernacle/temple – It was on the eighth day after seven days of consecration that Aaron and his sons began their priestly ministries, Leviticus 9:1. It was the new beginning of the priesthood. The feast of tabernacles has an eighth day as a solemn assembly which concludes a series of feasts. The blowing of trumpets is on the 1st day of the seventh month. The Day of Atonement is on the 10th day of the seventh month. The feast of tabernacles begins on the 15th day and extends to the 23rd day of the seventh month, that being the eighth day of the feast, Leviticus 23:36. Solomon made a solemn assembly on that very eighth day of the feast of tabernacles after a seven day feast of dedicating the altar at the inauguration of the temple, II Chronicles 7:9-10. This was the new beginning of worship at the temple with a newly dedicated altar. It took eight days to cleanse the house of the LORD from uncleanness during the days of Hezekiah, II Chronicles 29:17. Perhaps this was patterned after Solomon’s seven day dedication followed by an eighth day solemn assembly. Whatever the case, the cleansed temple began anew on the eighth day. Ezra instructed the people to observe the feast of tabernacles including the eighth day solemn assembly, Nehemiah 8:18. This led them to rededicate themselves to the covenant in Nehemiah 9. Let us not forget Hanukkah either, even though it is not contained in the canon. It was the rededication of the desecrated temple along with being a delayed observance of the feast of tabernacles when a small amount of oil miraculously lasted eight days. Ezekiel envisioned a future temple with eight steps from the south gate, the east gate, and the north gate toward the temple proper. It also will have eight tables for the slaying of sacrifices. It will take seven days to consecrate the priests as well as purge the altar. On the eighth day the priests will begin to offer up the sacrifices, Ezekiel 43:27. It will be the temple of a new beginning during the Messianic Kingdom. The feast of tabernacles also has a future in the Messianic Kingdom, Zechariah 14:16.

So what will happen to this resurrection worship that we experience on Sundays when the Messianic Kingdom comes? I believe everyday will be resurrection worship for us as we will be in our resurrection bodies living in the New Jerusalem. What about Gentile nations? I’m not sure. We should remember that Israel will have a theocracy once again with the LORD physically in their midst in the person of Jesus the Messiah. In Israel there will only be one religion that is not against the law. Many Gentile nations will reverence Israel and the God of Israel. They will kiss the Son, Psalm 2, to avoid His wrath. So the idea of church buildings may not even exist any more.

This is it for my mini series with insights into the giving of the law at Sinai. I hope to get to some of the issues between A-Millennialism versus Pre-Millennialism. Those posts will touch base on the interaction (or lack of interaction) that I had at Illumination. My purpose for that series will be to lay out where I’m coming from, the questions I am asking, and the lack of response that I have received thus far. I truly would like to interact with some A-Millennialists who will consider the scriptures objectively and not automatically play the "church is the new Israel" card for every scripture they don’t have an answer for.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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