The Covenant Plan of God

God has one covenant plan spanning the entire Bible.  This is why the phrase “his covenant” can be used without reference to any one covenant.  The cornerstone of this covenant plan is The Seed-Promise Covenant in the Garden of Eden, Genesis 3:15.  This should be considered a covenant.  It is God’s decree.  It is God’s covenant with Adam and Eve, progenitors of the human race.  God was covenanting with all of mankind by promising to them a seed as in a person, and a seed as in a people.  All which was lost in the fall God covenanted to reclaim through the Seed-Promise.


The Noahic Covenant is God’s continuation of the Seed-Promise Covenant.  God continues the seed-promise lineage with Noah then Shem.  He also continues with His covenant, not to destroy mankind, but to save mankind.  The Noahic Covenant is God’s declaration that the Seed-Promise Covenant is still fully effectual.  The fall reveals more curses in that animals will now fear mankind.  Mankind will eat their flesh instead of only eating the fruit of the earth.  For God’s long-term plan, vengeance can now be enacted on behalf of one who was murdered.  This implies organized man will have a system of justice.  The following chapters reveal that there will be nations.  It is obvious that this is God’s plan since those who attempted to thwart the division into nations were forced by God to disperse at the tower of Babel.


The Abrahamic Covenant is God’s continuation of the Noahic Covenant.  It was revealed to Abraham that God would make a great nation of him.  This could only happen after the Noahic Covenant since before the flood there were no nations.  The division of the earth into nations was for the purpose of taking one of those nations and separating it for God’s design.  Yet God promised that all nations would be blessed through Abraham.  This shows that God is building the Abrahamic Covenant on the foundation of the Seed-Promise Covenant.  It is universal to all mankind in its scope.  Yet it is also specific in revealing the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through which God would fulfill His covenant plan. 


The Mosaic Covenant is God’s continuation of the Abrahamic Covenant.  The Mosaic Covenant has no basis without the foundation of the Abrahamic Covenant.  God begins to unfold His plan even further by purchasing the nation of Israel for Himself.  Every descendant of Jacob is now a part of the nation of Israel.  The nation of Israel entered into God’s covenant plan via the Mosaic Covenant.  God’s covenant plan is still to restore mankind as a whole.  Each individual within the nation of Israel will either obey or not obey.  Either way, they participate in the Mosaic Covenant with the result of either blessing or cursing. 


The nation of Israel is revealed to be God’s peculiar people.  No other nation was given the ten commandments to live by.  No other nation was given the plan for the tabernacle.  No other nation was given a divine command to conquer a specific land territory.  Yet their goal is to spread abroad the fame of their great God, the God of Israel.  Israel was not redeemed to simply belong to God, but to testify to other nations, thereby fulfilling the entire covenant plan of God.


The Palestinian Covenant is God’s plan for the nation of Israel built on the foundation of the Mosaic Covenant.  Although they will be unfaithful as a nation, God intends to fulfill His covenant plan by scattering them and gathering them again.  After the expiration of Israel forsaking the covenant [plan of God], they will return and obey as a nation.  God will circumcise the heart of the nation and of their offspring.  The Palestinian Covenant shows the eternal nature of the Mosaic Covenant.


The Davidic Covenant is built upon the foundation of the entire covenant plan of God.  It continues the individual lineage looking forward to one man, revealing that this man will be a king like David.  The plan revealed in the Seed-Promise Covenant is included in the Davidic Covenant.  This king to come will be king over all creation.  He will have a special relationship with the nation of Israel, but only to be a blessing to all nations.


The New Covenant is contrasted with the Mosaic Covenant which was able to be broken.  Israel was able to break their end, but God had vowed the covenant had eternal ramifications. The New Covenant includes the continuation of the nation of Israel for eternity.  Because the Mosaic Covenant is a continuation of the entire covenant plan of God which is for all humanity, the New Covenant cannot be limited to the nation of Israel.  All humanity has the opportunity through the New Covenant to have God’s laws written on their hearts.  The Seed-Promise Covenant is the cornerstone of the covenants and the New Covenant is the capstone.


The above is a rough skeleton of my Covenant Theology.  Each covenant interacts with all the others.  There is one covenant plan of God as He decrees each covenant.  An individual covenant cannot stand alone, but must be put in perspective with the entire covenant plan of God.  This means that the historical context of each covenant must be understood.  Without the foundation of the Seed-Promise Covenant, any study in the covenants will be deficient.  LORD willing, I plan to write a series of posts on the seed-promise.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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