Hip and Thigh

I’m sure that many are reading about the controversy of Ray Boltz declaring openly that he is a homosexual.  I’m also sure that everyone under the sun has an opinion about this.  I’m not going to blog about it, but instead point you to a blog that I have been enjoying for a few months now.  Fred Butler, at Hip and Thigh has some very keen insights into the situation.  I very much appreciated his gentle tone while pointing out sin as it truly is.  Two insights in his post that stick out are…
"The fact of the matter is that the Bible clearly states all men are born into sin. It is in "iniquity that my mother conceived me," David wrote in Psalm 51:5 and "out of the heart" all sin springs our Lord stated in Mark 7:21. Sin impacts the whole of man including his affections and desires, and obviously human sexuality will also be warped by its influence. Where as most men succumb to heterosexual sins, Boltz happens to succumb to homosexual sin. Sexual deviant sin is still sexually deviant sin whether it is homosexual or heterosexual."
In the context of quoting Ray Boltz’ own words, he gives this insight…
"Boltz seems to suggest he saw adopting a "Christian" life as a means to rescue him from what he believed to be wrong. Rather than seeing Christianity as being the means of justification before God, Christ’s blood the fount of forgiveness for sin, and a sanctifying pursuit of holiness by the work of the Spirit in his life, he merely saw it as just a "way" to deal with his homosexual desires. That tells me a couple of things. First he understood homosexuality was sinful because he wanted a way to deal with it. Second, he approached dealing with his sin by the use of personal works."
You can read the entire post at this link here.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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