The Ancient Faith of Adam

Once God covenanted the Seed Promise, the creation mandate now became mandatory for the plan of redemption.  Let me explain.  God had originally commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply.  Before they became fruitful and began multiplying, Adam and Eve fell into sin.  God proclaimed grace to Adam and Eve through a man-child to be born of Eve.  So now, in order to receive God’s grace, Adam and Eve must be fruitful and multiply, meaning, they have to have children in order to experience God’s grace as He promised in Genesis 3:15.


So imagine the expectation of Adam and Eve as they began the first family.  The assumption would be that one of Eve’s children would be the child who would bruise the serpent’s head and allow them to reclaim paradise from where they had been expelled.  The context of Genesis 3:22-24 is that Adam and Eve knew where the garden of Eden continued to exist even after their expulsion from paradise.  Yet they could not return because God had supernaturally barred the entrance.


It should be noted that while Adam and Eve have an understanding of a promise that God will fulfill in the future, they now have to contend with the fact that they are enemies of God.  They have submitted themselves to God’s enemy.  This evil persona now has dominion over their beings, to the point that God can no longer tolerate their presence in paradise.  They are now estranged from God.  They are not even allowed to look upon God in His holiness any more.  They have their eyes opened to good and evil, but they had them opened by experience, that is, by experiencing sin.


So Adam and Eve, in their sinfulness, leave the garden in order to begin the process that will bring about their restoration to paradise.  They must have children believing that God will be faithful to what He has covenanted.  Yet the curses that God has placed on them will make it painful and difficult.  For Adam, he must sweat every day of his life in order to provide for his family.  For Eve, when she does bring forth children, it will be incredibly painful.  And for all their hard work, God still states that at the end of their efforts, they will return to the ground from which God formed them.  They will physically die one day.


I will note one act of faith on Adam’s part as they were standing in the presence of God.  Even after Adam and his wife sinned, Eve had not received her name.  It is only after God proclaims that Adam’s wife will bring forth a son and many others, that Adam gives her a name.  He calls her Eve at that time since Adam realizes that she will become the mother of all living due to the promise that God had just made to them.  So Adam naming his wife “Eve” is an act of faith.  Adam was proclaiming by faith what had not happened, yet he believed.


The fact that Adam and Eve left the garden and began procreating shows that they believed what God had promised.  They certainly did not understand the many thousands of generations that would pass before the Chosen One would be born.  They probably had no idea that the war between the seed of the enemy and the seed of the woman would span so many centuries and claim so many lives.  They had a very simple faith in a very few words that God had spoken.  They most likely committed these few words to memory and often meditated on what they might mean.  So as Adam and Eve raised the first family, what did they believe about their children?


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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