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I only have so much time in the evening if I want to post.  So if I respond to posts on other people’s blogs, I don’t have time here.  But it occurred to me that I could post a couple of links to conversations that I’ve had with other people.  First up, if you are interested in whether you believe creation proclaims simply a Creator, or perhaps it proclaims Christ, or maybe even it proclaims the gospel message, you can check out this conversation that I had with Glen Scrivener at Christ the Truth.  Glen and I are on the same page about the message that creation proclaims.  The crux is how you view Paul’s quotation of Psalm 19 in Romans 10.  Follow this link here to read his post and our comments with each other.
I never thought I would get into a debate about tithing.  It’s one of those issues that you sort of think is a side issue.  But on TC Robinson’s blog entitled New Leaven, TC was looking for biblical support for tithing.  So I gave mine.  How was I supposed to know that a Southern Baptist preacher who wrote his doctorate against tithing would be posting his views as well?  Follow this link here to read my views, and some other views as well.
Prophecy guru Bob Mitchell started a little discussion type blog where you can debate the rapture issue with him.  He is Post-Trib and is inviting PreTribbers to try to prove him wrong.  This type of forum may not last long since these conversations have taken place before, but if you are interested in reading what he is saying and what others are saying about him, you can find out more at this link here.
Last but not least, I really enjoyed this post on Broken Open on the relevance of eschatology.  I especially enjoyed this comment, "Set your mind on things above, on your eternal reward, and endure. The Book of Revelation becomes a prayer manual for the faithful saints who endure the greatest time of persecution the world has ever known. It will be our finest hour."  Read the entire post here.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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