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HL Nigro, author of Before God’s Wrath, has a monthly E-Newsletter that I enjoy very much.  This past January 09 edition contained an article that correlated with the series that I had written titled Back to the Beginning.  Her article … Continue reading

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Psalm 72

The Great King over all the earth   Psalm 72 contains an apocalypse.  Some of you who are familiar with the psalm might be scratching your heads.  There is no mention of any destruction, wrath, or chaos in this psalm.  … Continue reading

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Psalm 46

The God of Jacob exalted among the nations.   Psalm 46 contains an apocalypse which I believe to be prophetic.  It is a short psalm divided into three sections: verses 1-3, 4-7, and 8-11.  The final result is for the … Continue reading

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Prophetic Apocalypse in the Psalms

I am excited about this next endeavor.  My appetite was whetted when I blogged on the salvation of the Gentiles in Romans 15:8-12.  I had the opportunity to explore Psalm 18, Psalm 117, and the prophetic implications of both.  Many … Continue reading

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Back to the Beginning ~ Summary

I have concluded my Back to the Beginning series.  I have attempted to come up with a theology that begins where we should begin, at the beginning.  We should not begin with the nation of Israel, we should not begin … Continue reading

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My take on the Gaza conflict

I guess I will blog about the conflict between Israel and Gaza occupied by Hamas.  First off, I am officially adding Shofar Ministries to my list of favorites.  The main reason is the news information that Bob Mitchell posts.  He … Continue reading

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Messianic Kingdom Theology

The current time of Gentile salvation within the church (spiritual Israel) is a progressive step in God’s plan to save the nation of Israel as the Messianic Kingdom is established here on earth.    The above statement assumes one covenant … Continue reading

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Paul’s theology is derived from Genesis 1-4

  Paul’s view of salvation, Adam, and sin from Romans   Before the Apostle Paul penned such grand themes as the universal sin of mankind, the place of the law to condemn, and justification by grace through faith; Paul was … Continue reading

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References to Genesis 1-4 in the New Testament

The New Testament does not merely portray the coming of Israel’s Messiah.  That would be far too small and insignificant a picture to paint.  Instead, the New Testament paints a picture of the Savior of all of mankind.  This Savior … Continue reading

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Hanukkah article

I’m posting a link to an article by Marv Rosenthal.  It explores the origins of Hanukkah, including much information about Antiochus Epiphanes and how that relates to the coming antichrist.  It will probably take you 15 minutes to read it, … Continue reading

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