My take on the Gaza conflict

I guess I will blog about the conflict between Israel and Gaza occupied by Hamas.  First off, I am officially adding Shofar Ministries to my list of favorites.  The main reason is the news information that Bob Mitchell posts.  He really has an eclectic source of materials that he posts from.  In this link here, he posts a clip of a speech which was banned at the UN.  The speaker was voicing concerns about Human Rights and the absence of criticism against Hamas.  It strikes me as amazing that the nations of the world truly are against the nation of Israel.


Second, here is a video called The Children of Hamas.  You’ll get the point real fast.  Who is committing crimes against the children in Gaza?


Lastly, here is a link to a video on youtube.  This is a pro-Palestinian demonstration (semi-riot) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  This was quite intriguing to watch.  There are a couple of expletives so beware of that.  But most eye catching is the “worship” which they give to allah on the sidewalk.  The maker of the film has brief comments before and after.  I wonder about his comment that we have a lot of work to do.  What work would this entail?  Perhaps he left it vague to appeal to many audiences for a variety of reasons.


My thoughts on this may differ from what you may hear other people saying.  Others may say that we have work to do by getting politically active.  Others may feel that we need to fight for our rights.  Many will see the need to stage a pro-Israel demonstration.


My view is that we must give up our rights.  We need to forfeit our claims to this world in order to have a better resurrection in the next world.  Why would we enter an arena that is doomed to destruction?  We have much work to do in the area of laying down our lives as a sacrifice. 


The good muslim will believe that if he sacrifices himself by committing suicide as he kills his enemies that he is guaranteed a reward in the next life.  A good Christian should believe that if he sacrifices himself by allowing his enemies to kill him for the testimony of Jesus Christ that he is guaranteed a reward in the next life.  Do you see the similarities and the differences?  The problem is logic.  Logically speaking, this approach means sure extinction for Christians and a destiny of domination for muslims.  Muslims want to kill Christians.  Christians [should] want to lay down their lives as a sacrifice for their faith in Christ.  So muslims and Christians should actually get along fine as long as we let them kill us.  Christians shouldn’t want to kill muslims, but instead, love and pray for them.  Muslims shouldn’t have a problem with Christians loving them and praying for them.


If muslims want control of this world so badly, let them have it.  This world is slated for destruction.  Our LORD Jesus is coming and will judge this world in righteousness.  Let Him take care of any destruction that is to be wrought upon mankind.  “Vengeance is mine”, says the LORD.  While we wait for Him to come, let us preach the gospel to every creature, not afraid of losing our lives.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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