Back to the Beginning ~ Summary

I have concluded my Back to the Beginning series.  I have attempted to come up with a theology that begins where we should begin, at the beginning.  We should not begin with the nation of Israel, we should not begin with the elect, we should begin in Genesis 1-4, and focus on the Seed Promise which lays out God’s plan for fallen mankind.  Since I wrote over an extended period of time, this post will serve to provide links to all the posts which relate to this series.  Here are the titles with links embedded.
The God of the Beginning  (focus on trinity)
Concomitance  (the solution to the singular versus plural dilemma)
Paul’s theology is derived from Genesis 1-4  (Paul’s views of sin, righteousness, and judgement are derived from Genesis 1-4, not the giving of the Mosaic law)
and of course the very rivetting
Messianic Kingdom Theology  (my new modus operandi)
I know my blog is a pain to maneuvre on when it comes to looking up old posts.  So I thought this post would come in handy for… well mainly for me.  You might be helped as well. 
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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