Messianic Christianity

People just don’t get it.  Messianic Christianity is a redundant term.  The word Messiah means anointed one.  The word Christ means anointed one.  Messiah is the Hebrew word while Christ is the Greek word.  Yet the modern day connotation of each word is different.
When people think of the Messiah, they think of Israel, the law, Moses, the prophets, the kingdom, wrath, the fulfillment of OT prophecy, Messiah ruling here on earth after defeating His enemies.  When people think of Christ, they think of the church, the blood, heaven, the New Jerusalem, grace, mercy, and peace.  Because of this, people who are just plain "Christians", feel that they need to incorporate Messianic terminology into their belief system and worship in order to compensate for everything they are leaving out.
Just for kicks, realize the following.  Messianic Jews are Christian Jews.  Christian Gentiles are Messianic Gentiles.  Christianity is really a Messianic religion.  The Messianic movement is really a Christian movement.  The terms should mean the same, but they don’t.  People are creating belief systems by word manipulation.  They use the word Messiah and then take things out of the OT which are being neglected by the church.
What sparked my rant?  This post here at Jesus Creed.  I like Scot McKnight’s blog overall.  But I wonder where Scot is going with this.  Is he intending to break barriers down?  That would be his style.  Whatever the case, it is clear that Christians (Messianic believers) have some severe misconceptions.  The Christ of the church is the Messiah of Israel.  The Davidic throne will be ruled by the bridegroom of the church.  The Messiah came to fulfill the Mosaic covenant, not do away with it.  I specifically use the word Messiah instead of Christ to give my posts a feel like they are rooted directly into the OT prophecies which have yet to be fulfilled.  I think it’s interesting that the word "Christian" was not applied to Jesus’ followers amongst the Jews.  They wouldn’t even joke about these people being followers of the Christ.  To them, it was blasphemy to suggest that the Messiah had come.  So it wasn’t until Antioch amidst a primarily Gentile society that they dubbed them "Christ-ones", or "little Messiahs".
Eric Chabot at #18 is the only comment worth reading thus far, in my humble opinion.  Okay I’m done ranting.  Back to Prophetic Apocalypse.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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3 Responses to Messianic Christianity

  1. Brian says:

    Hi Darrin,Excellent post! Yes, Christ came to confirm the Mosaic law, not to abrogate it. This truth is one of the most essential to understanding eschatology — but many think that Israel was "done away" in the plan and purpose of God.Blessings,Brian

  2. Darrin says:

    Hey thanks Brian. You\’ve branched out to podcasts now I see. Is it difficult or pretty simple.Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13-The Orange Mailman

  3. Brian says:

    Hi Darrin,Podcasts are not too involved. If you have a standard microphone, all you need is to download some audio editing software and you can be set up in a matter of hours. The software I use is called Sonar 6LE. It may be available on the internet.Peace & Health,Brian

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